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Part #1 : Let’s get ready to rumble! Ari Gold in one corner, F*cking McNulty in the other.

OK, here it is. My answer or rather rebut to my friends little McNulty F*cking Fan Club.

I have watched 2 and half seasons of the Entourage and only half an episode of The Wire.

Being an open-minded blogger, I will subject myself to the first 4 seasons of The Wire within the next few weeks, and will simultaneously enjoy the rest of season 3 Entourage. The series has now become such an integral part of my TV diet, and who knows, maybe The Wire will too – well it will have to be to continue this blog…

This series encapsulates many elements that entertain, and one thing is for certain, I am an Entourage Fan.

Check out Part 2 in the next few days and enjoy side-by-side profile/comparison/battle of McNulty-after-Episode-1′ Vs. Gold »


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