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Behind the Scenes & The Writers’ Strike

An excellent insight into the creativeness behind shooting Entourage with producer Wayne Carmona is available here.

This captivating article explains the technical know-how of the producer and the gadgets that help him shoot the multitude of scenes across LA. These are pioneering techniques and the show is definitely a result of the amazing creative juices flowing in this production.

Another reason why we should all support the writer’ strike so we can continue this enjoying this rich entertainment. Is there anyway we – the Entourage fans could help?


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Au revoir Entourage?!

Rumours have been flying around courtesy of the current writers’ strike and we managed to catch wind of an official statement from a source by the name of  OK! Magazine, our pal Adrian Grenier a.k.a Vinnie Chase has apparently stated the following:

“Honestly, the scariest potential surprise is that there may not be a show next year…”


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Golden Entourage

ep54_guysintuxes_252.jpgFirst of all congratulations to Entourage and the team for being nominated for the Best TV Series, Comedy or Musicalby the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.The fourth time running, which is an amazing feat and should be deserved Golden Globe winners this year.

Also nominated for the fourth time in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television is one of our favourites – Mr. Jeremy Piven, and in the same category and nominated for the first time – Mr. Kevin Dillon! Keep your fingers crossed on the 13th of January.Other nominees here..

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Part #2 : Let’s get ready to rumble! Ari Gold in one corner, F*cking McNulty in the other.

Just in case some of you aren’t regular Entourage viewers, have a look at the scene in my previous post and you’ll see a snapshot of the Wittiest of Wits, a guy with the biggest balls in the business, and most of a REAL honest bloke that speaks his mind. That is your introduction to Mister Ari Gold.

Now I still haven’t had the chance to look at The Wire (sorry McNulty F*cking Fan Club.. I will soon..promise) but from my first impression, Mr. McNulty seems like the type of guy who likes to soak things up and generally contemplate his next move. He does seem like a smooth sailor, very suave in his ways and ready to pounce.

This all makes it a very tough battle. Quick Wit Vs. Calmingly Calculated.

I would like to make a call to the little McNulty Fan base and let me know what else I’m missing. Maybe there are some of you out there that have watched both series? What are these characters’ similarities?

All I know is that Ari Gold definitely has some kind of Tony Soprano demon in him. He is Tony minus the violence.

As previously promised (but never delivered) I will do as I said over the next few weeks:

“I will subject myself to the first 4 seasons of The Wire within the next few weeks, and will simultaneously enjoy the rest of season 3 Entourage.”

And now I get to enjoy Season 4 of Entourage too!

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Return Of The King

We’re back! After 5 month, we are back in business. And how appropriate this filler will be as Season 5 of the Entourage – sorry to say – isn’t expected back to at least June 2008.

However long and hard these next few months maybe, hopefully we can give you a bit of respite here.

To refresh ourselves with a bit of Ari and Entourage and celebrate our return, here is scene for all to enjoy:

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