Behind the Scenes & The Writers’ Strike

An excellent insight into the creativeness behind shooting Entourage with producer Wayne Carmona is available here.

This captivating article explains the technical know-how of the producer and the gadgets that help him shoot the multitude of scenes across LA. These are pioneering techniques and the show is definitely a result of the amazing creative juices flowing in this production.

Another reason why we should all support the writer’ strike so we can continue this enjoying this rich entertainment. Is there anyway we – the Entourage fans could help?


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2 responses to “Behind the Scenes & The Writers’ Strike

  1. flood hbo with condoms

    There is a threat that Entourage may not return in 2008 or at all due to the writer’s strike.
    My solution is simple…. start sending HBO condoms. In the same way that Jericho was renewed because fans sent tons and tons of peanuts in support of their favorite show, we send condoms to support our boys and safe sex at the same time.
    Who’s with me?

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