The Winner is Jeremy Piven!

Jeremy Piven. Winner at the Golden Globes 2008

Even without the red carpet, and the star-studded sights and sounds of a Golden Globes award ceremony, we here at ‘Entourage F*cking Fan Club’ would like to pause for a moment and bath Mr. Piven aka Ari Gold in glory.

Jeremy Piven just got the nod for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television” beating out one of his own (Kevin Dillon) and a couple of golden oldies such as Ted Danson and William Shatner… geez if only I had seen the line up before and I would have bet my life on him winning. Congratulations Jeremy!


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2 responses to “The Winner is Jeremy Piven!

  1. wei! he is one of the best actors I have never seen. I am seeing “Entourage”… but the hour is very bad (2 in the morning), so it´s a problem…

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m a spanish girl jeje.
    Congratulations to Jeremy Piven, is fantastic, and hello from Spain.

    Adiós y un saludo.

  2. Paul Mariñas

    Jeremy Piven, he just rules!!!!!!, since i saw “The Pit” I knew he is great. The work on “Entourage” is just other face among his acting skills. I even watched the show he was in with Hellen Degeneris, just because he was acting there, jejejeje.

    Congrats Mr Piven.

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