Everybody hates Entourage

Another rather intriguing article by Chuck Klosterman for The Guardian (UK).

chuck-klosterman_entourage.png When you start to read this article you think “Oh another one of the haters”, but after a few lines you begin to feel for the poor guy.. he absolutely loves Entourage and doesn’t know why.
Entourage is definitely entertainment. Entourage is definitely a TV show. OK it doesn’t have the insightful philosophical script that other ‘shows’ have, it is comedy with a touch of drama (pun intended!).

It is meant to make you laugh, smile and just relax with a few beers and friends on the side. Your attention span is not needed 100% of the time, pay attention to the boobs, to the frustrations of Ari Gold, to the trials and tribulations of Eric ‘E’ Murphy, and occasionally look at what Vinnie is up to, those are the only prerequisites here buddy. It is only a 22 minute show. A perfect lunchtime special.

Chuck Klosterman is no average joe when it comes to TV shows. But we still think he feels guilty for loving Entourage 🙂


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2 responses to “Everybody hates Entourage

  1. Looking forward to the new season, should be awesome. Miss Drama’s antics.

  2. Just yesterday I ended up reading a book by mr. Klosterman and then I looked into MSN and there was an article by him.

    What an odd coincidence, hehe.

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