Vincent Chase and Heath Ledger

By now we all know Australian Heath Ledger has died – aged 28. Somehow after all the news coverage and the rumor whirlwind, it is still intriguing to find out more, it drives us to dig deeper into the life of Heath Andrew Ledger. Perhaps this is what drove Heath to his death.

Rest in peace, Heath. Let’s take a moment and think about it the situation a little, here is a rising young actor, such a diverse talented actor in the same vein as our favorite Vinnie Chase, he has a movie coming out this year that will win him an Oscar ( Playing Joker in The Dark Knight ).So many similarities, yet such a contradiction. If we are to believe that he OD’ed there has to be questions asked.

If it was ‘accidental’ then what an unlucky human being. If it was a case of substance abuse to due depression, where was his support system? Where was his ‘Entourage’? It is sad that he had to die alone, so far from his family and friends.

Entourage has definitely created a sugary vision of an actors rise to stardom. It takes away the reality and puts celebrity lifestyle on a shiny pedestal for the rest of the world to admire. It is sometimes unfortunate to see that some people react to being in the limelight so differently.

Rest in peace Heath. Make sure the rest of you readers go rent out ‘Two Hands‘ (his debut movie) and see The Dark Knight.


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6 responses to “Vincent Chase and Heath Ledger

  1. Heath Ledger was a great actor

    Heath Ledger was a great actor, and an unwritten character on Entourage.
    How many times was Vincent Chase up for a role against Heath Ledger? Most recently, Heath was supposed to star in “Clouds”, but Vince ended up with the role after Heath backed out.
    I feel like we really truly lost a wonderful actor, character, and talent in the loss of Heath Ledger and it touched me deeply.

  2. A 60 years old man

    When I saw Brokeback mountain, I was deeply devastated. It was a real choc for me and since that time, I saw many film with Heith Ledger. When I learned his death, it was terrible: I cried for tree days. It his very simple, I am in love with him. He represent all I would have wounted to be. He is a source of inspiration, a model.
    I will never forget him

  3. A 60 years old man

    How come the mail is published? It is written up there exacly the opposite.

  4. jason

    yo whats up make a new season

  5. jason

    make a another new season please

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