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HBO hanging on thanks to Entourage

Quirky opinionated article (see here) about the possible future happenings on current TV shows.

HBO on a downward spiral? Talks about the failing HBO with the end of great series such as The Sopranos and The Wire, hanging on by the mere fact they still have Entourage. I’ve always thought HBO had some outstanding series made with big budgets and cinema quality execution.

But to be honest when you are up that high, there has to be a time when it simply doesn’t produce. Here’s an interesting quote from SFGate (see above link):

…”Flight of the Conchords” is a cult hit and “Big Love” is an underappreciated gem, but they are not the kinds of series that will make people shell out for premium cable prices. “Entourage” still is, but HBO clearly needs to build around its success…

Kind of nice to see Entourage being appreciated in this long lull.

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Doug Ellin reveals Entourage Season 5

Kristin at E! Online has a scoop with Doug Ellin spilling some beans about Entourage Season 5. Finally some exciting news, although bringing back Dom with terminal cancer doesn’t sound like the most riveting storyline.

Four More Seasons of Entourage.

A summary of what might be is below or read here to go into the tidbits.

  1. Season 5 could be longer than 12 episodes – if HBO orders more
  2. No Writers’ Strike will be written into the plot
  3. Dom might be back – with terminal cancer, as actor Domenick Lombardozzi is good friends with Doug Ellin
  4. Entourage Season 5 will air in September   (Update 11/07/08: Entourage Season 5 Premiere)

And the big one which will excite all Entourage fans

(Doug) Ellin says he has four more seasons of scandalous behavior in reserve, insisting that Entourage will probably run through year eight.

Plenty more lovely girls to profile! Keep an eye out for more juicy details to come, and maybe an exclusive HBO Entourage Season 5 YouTube Preview!!

Further Updates:


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