Doug Ellin reveals Entourage Season 5

Kristin at E! Online has a scoop with Doug Ellin spilling some beans about Entourage Season 5. Finally some exciting news, although bringing back Dom with terminal cancer doesn’t sound like the most riveting storyline.

Four More Seasons of Entourage.

A summary of what might be is below or read here to go into the tidbits.

  1. Season 5 could be longer than 12 episodes – if HBO orders more
  2. No Writers’ Strike will be written into the plot
  3. Dom might be back – with terminal cancer, as actor Domenick Lombardozzi is good friends with Doug Ellin
  4. Entourage Season 5 will air in September   (Update 11/07/08: Entourage Season 5 Premiere)

And the big one which will excite all Entourage fans

(Doug) Ellin says he has four more seasons of scandalous behavior in reserve, insisting that Entourage will probably run through year eight.

Plenty more lovely girls to profile! Keep an eye out for more juicy details to come, and maybe an exclusive HBO Entourage Season 5 YouTube Preview!!

Further Updates:


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43 responses to “Doug Ellin reveals Entourage Season 5

  1. brian blevins

    Doug Ellen is a genius please keep this show and it’s great writing coming!!!!!!!

  2. Sam

    theres some scoop on season five of entourage here.

  3. Doug Ellin, please do not bring Dom back. He ruined the episodes he was in and although the actor Domenic Lombardozzi is quite talented the the character is obnoxious and ruins the dynamic created by the existing characters. I would be willing to bet another backlash of audience hatred for the character could prevent HBO from requesting an extension to season 5.

  4. joshua tree

    Joshua Tree- U2- Bono- “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

    Can’t wait to see the Wild Trip episode. I have a feeling each of the guys will reveal a lot of subconcious thought that weekend. We’ll end up learning more about them then we think we even know now.

    And, someone has got to have a vision of Bono giving them advise. That would be the best!

    How many more months til Sept 28th? Can’t wait

  5. Hollywood

    All you people hating on Dom coming back in season 5…. chill out! if hes gunna have terminal cancer then that will change him around and make him “a nice guy”

  6. simon

    I love the show! the guys are great! DO NOT BRING DOM BACK!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I absolutely loathe the character, he ruins the chemistry of the guys! I almost stopped watching when it looked like he was going to become a regular. sorry, first impressions last and no matter what shape he returns is not going to do it. It’s too much to risk such a great show just to bring one guy back. More power and more seasons! (without dom)

  7. Pat_Gelado

    Any news on when the season 4 dvd is going to come out?

  8. Apparently it’s coming out just before the new season pops around.
    You can pre-order on Amazon already –

  9. Vivid

    Screw dom what a loser that guy was why would they introduce a character that basically took turtle’s whole role and drama’s whole role it makes no sense. Drama makes me wanna watch entourage if dom return’s forget it I would rather watch anything else on TV then Dom

    “i am the fucking game bro”

  10. Vp

    No Dom pleeeeease!!!!

    He doesnt suit the dynamic of the other characters! I really disliked his introduction and i welcome if he wasnt ever included every again!

  11. Fes

    Dom sucks! he made me feel sick watching the show – it’s not what the viewers want, what about a bit more of Aries hot wife!!

  12. Pole Diggidy

    Dom is that prick that ruins a good party…wants to fight everyone & scares away the chics. We’ve all known at least one person fitting this mold. Let’s ban together as the responsible fan base of this great show and plead with Mr. Doug Ellin. Just remember Douglas, no one likes the guy that brings the prick to the party either.

  13. TrafficoneMan

    I agree that dom dose not work acting off the 4 main charcters but he is a tallented actor and they could find anouther charcter for him to act off most off the time like a hot lesbian nurse or a kid also in hospital or wathever look all i mean is to keep entourage fresh they will have to do something a little different and i for one love the show the writeing is great so i am going to trust their judgement

  14. Iamthefuckingamepal

    Dom was such an asshole and was the unwanted house guest. But he was aight ….i mean like someone said maybe with this cancer it will change him but knowing the dominator it will make him even angrier. i hope the show has more than 4 more seasons, thats very dispointing.

  15. butane bob

    Christ i’ll be glad if we get 4 more seasons. Most HBO shows don’t get farther than 5 or 6 seasons so a possible 8 seasons of Entourage will be amazing. Also think about how many great shows out there get cancelled, be thankful that this one is still running!

  16. London

    please dn’t bring dom back

  17. HateDom4Life

    WOW .. the only reason Ellin wants to bring back Dom as a character is the actor playing Dom is a friend. The character is just poison to the chemistry of Entourage. Do your friend a favour – don’t make him known as the actor who ruined “Entourage”. I have nothing against the actor.

    I have a feeling we will stop watching the show. We hated the episodes with the character in them. We prayed he was not a permanent fixture on the show.

    Please don’t bring him back …

  18. cweisg

    I completely agree. The episodes that Dom appeared we my least favorite. I have all the episodes saved on my DVR and find it hard to watch when Dom comes on the screen. Can’t wait unitl September….it seems like forever since a new Entourage!!

  19. all of you idiots who dont wan’t Dom back can you shut the hell up. He’s funny and who cares he doesn’t ruin that show that’s complete bullshit. And Pole Diggity especially you, can you shut the fuck up ur name is POLE DIGGITY. Your input does not count wat so ever..i think people who don’t like Dom are just saying that because they got made fun of people like Dom in highschool are just still upset from that.

  20. Nikki

    I don’t know why Ellin is insisting to shove the “Dom” character down the viewers throats! I understand that they are friends in real life but his character just doesn’t fit with the other 4 guys – it breaks up the dynamic and drags the show down. I hope Ellin realizes that he is going to lose a lot of viewers if he makes Dom a big part of the show. If it didn’t work the first time, it is not going to work this time either! 😦

  21. jeremy c

    if Dom comes back I may have to find a new fav TV show. I remember someone back in the day I knew who was like Dom and he got sick too. That didn’t change the fact he was a pick. No go for Dom.

  22. DOUG-E.

    Hey Everyone its Doug Ellen! I would just like to inform all of you die hard Entourage fans that critically acclaimed HBO, has ordered more episodes to be picked up for out Season 5, of out Emmy Award winning show! Kudos! Also, I understand there is a lot of buzz about Dom (Domenic Lombardozzi). Here is a little spoiler to hold you over until our september release: Dom is back! You can expect to see him in even the first couple of episodes! He’s back, he’s funnier than ever, and is now part of The Entourage!
    Thanks everyone for your support and posts!

  23. entfan

    Check out the above story and video for a first look at Kevin Connolly in the opening sequence from Season 5 of Entourage.

  24. adrian

    Dom is gonna have to change HARDCORE .
    If he wants to stay on his character has got to
    make synergy with the group.
    no bullying. no gang mentality.
    this is an ENTOURAGE.
    they are friendly towards each other warmly and
    welcoming is there motto.
    let’s see if the writers can change dom’s character in
    this manner, and since they ARE good, I have hope
    in dom !!

  25. Brian

    I think every1 is missing the point with Dom… In order for them to bask in the limelight they have to endure some hardship… with out the dom its just 1 big fuckin beach party… if u want that go watch sex in the city besides… season 5 is gonna be the start of vinces decline and you have better get use it… besides it will just make the twice as good when they finally get back on top…

  26. Jonathan

    Brian has apparently seen the advance copies for Season 5… Poor guys.

    Bad way to start the season after a 14-month hiatus.

  27. DJ

    DO NOT BRING DOM BACK! Doug even though he is one of your close friends, you gotta put the good of the show ahead of friendly ties. He might be a great actor, but his character Dom, just plain out blows. It was really terrible watching him try to “fit in” with the crew, and he really ruined the dynamic. I was so glad when he was excluded from the group, and even if you make Dom have terminal cancer, it will still not make his character any more likeable. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not bring Dom back.

  28. Brett

    I just saw the new ep and it was great although it was only 22 min long please someone talk to doug e and tell him to make the f)&@ing show one hour long!!! Also please bring Dom back, I hated him and didn’t wanna watch it when he was on and all that shi but I think he’s gonna be great

  29. Ikonn

    New season is looking good!! Real good! DOM sucKS ASS!! worst character! no offense to the actor!!

    Definitely make episodes 1 hour long! 22 or so minutes is just not enough.. just when you get into it .. CREDITS!! The show still rocked! better then last seasons opening season!

  30. Brian

    Entourage has been called “the fastest half hour on television”… be sweet if they could live up to that title and give us more than 20 minutes… slow almost pointless first episode to start the season(I know I know it pretty much had to be done that way to open up the season after S4) but nonetheless enjoyable


  31. emmys2008

    As you might have heard, Entourage has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series this year.

    The Show airs Sunday, September 21st at 8 PM EST on ABC.

    In the mean time, check out this cool trivia hunt which is about this year’s hosts. (There are hints in the videos)

  32. donny steele

    I wanted to know the song and artist that was playing on the new episode when the guys are pulling up at the house to meet the parent’s of the sweet 16 girl. They pull up at the gate and it’s playing. It’s a hip hop song.

  33. donny steele

    Let me know if you know the song. Email me at

  34. Yizzitus Cee Cornelius

    I still am anticipating the episode where Dom finally makes his alleged reappearance. I have to say I really didn’t enjoy his role in the show, but I keep tuning in every week to see what it will be like when the guys finally meet up with this unfavorable character after about a year and half’s time. Unfortunately, I do believe it could ruin the show, but that’s the result of time and the nature of show business.

  35. dave

    please dont bring dom back
    if he has cancer on the show just kill him off fast

  36. EntourageFan

    Episode 7… I think that reached the “Whoa” that has not happened yet this season. Not to mention… did anyone else find the end of this episode as eerie as I did? That could have been a pretty good Final Episode.. maybe it was the Radiohead in the background that did it… they always have those songs that would play well at the end of a movie.

  37. Travis

    episode 7 had me waiting and wanting to watch the next episode so bad … even though i had to wait a whole week !!! entourage is the best series i have watched yet.

  38. Josh

    Look… the season is turning.. the “post mediallon world” i beleive has come to an end… and with the makin of smoke jumpers puts him back in the game.. i’d have to admit i thought the Ari Gold, Vince Chase duo was over after episode Gotta look up it had me in a Whoa state.. but the tables has turned and stunned us all.. thats what this show does and gets us addicted to it.. but i cant wait till the next one and see how vince does when he is bout to make a movie…

  39. darren

    i think the agent at MillerGold “Raj” is funny. i’d like to see more of him 🙂

  40. SUMO


  41. Entouragelover99

    Doug Ellen, Some one informed me, that you have enough material for atleast 8 seasons. Is that true? and what is the expectency number of seasons for entourage!

  42. You just got your blog a spot in my favorites

  43. Dont You just Love this ? Its GREAT!! THE BEST!!

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