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HBO’s hinting countdown to Season 5?

HBO just released a new video on their Youtube Channel entitled Hollywood Minutes 1, with it’s description:

A look back on the first season of HBO’s hit original series.

A source has told us here at the Entourage F*cking Fan Club that you should expect more to come during the next few weeks, and possibly a teaser/trailer of the new series soon. Till then check out the new video and subscribe to the HBO Youtube Channel!

Update 20.06.08: Unfortunately they have pulled the video, BUT the good news is they put another one up see Entourage Countdown Continues.

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Entourage with Ari Gold: The Most Overrated TV Show

A biased opinion maybe, but we are the fans that truly adore Ari and Entourage. So read this article, get passionate and voice your opinion! Here is an excerpt:

..“Entourage” gets the nod as the most overrated of the two series due to its creators misuse of Ari Gold…(

Misuse of Ari Gold?
This Youtube video of Ari Gold’s finest moment (Season 3, Episode 15) will do the trick:

Also, just a little gripe about WordPress and its inability to show multiple custom-sized youtube videos. Read here. You have to pay for an upgrade to custom-size FREE youtube videos in a FREE blog? C’mon Automattic.

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HBO on iTunes, but no Entourage?

The news spread around, we all got excited, especially as an iPhone/iTunes user myself, but at this point in time, no Entourage on iTunes yet. Although the release of the entire series is inevitable.

Entourage on iTunes coming soon to your media centric device!

Yet it was a surprise that it’s still not on Apple’s shelf.
My only guess is that everyone is waiting for Entourage to be released so it is a draw card for HBO. And as reported there won’t be a new series till September, so it gives them a few months to slowly release the series in to the wild.

Exciting stuff anyhow, in this slow news realm of Entourage.
I’m sure our pals over at The Wire F*cking Fan Club will be ecstatic.

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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Three

Time to feature one of our favorites in this series – Mandy Moore. Mandy has one hot booty, but very sophisticated and too mind-numbing for our Vinnie. I still think Vinnie preferred Sophie Monk. I guess the producers decided on that one?!

To give something back to Mandy, she did have a closer relationship with our Vincent, although lust was most definitely involved.

Mandy Moore, Vinnie\'s 3rd Choice?!
  • Born on April 10, 1984. From New Hampshire, USA.
  • American pop singer, songwriter, model, and actress. An All-Rounder.
  • A Glass-half-full kind of person.
  • See more @ Mandy
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘Oh Mandy!’ – S02E08 or Episode 16

Mandy definitely ticks the boxes to be part of the Vinnie’s Girls entourage. Would be nice to see her back again in an episode or two.

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