Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Three

Time to feature one of our favorites in this series – Mandy Moore. Mandy has one hot booty, but very sophisticated and too mind-numbing for our Vinnie. I still think Vinnie preferred Sophie Monk. I guess the producers decided on that one?!

To give something back to Mandy, she did have a closer relationship with our Vincent, although lust was most definitely involved.

Mandy Moore, Vinnie\'s 3rd Choice?!
  • Born on April 10, 1984. From New Hampshire, USA.
  • American pop singer, songwriter, model, and actress. An All-Rounder.
  • A Glass-half-full kind of person.
  • See more @ Mandy
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘Oh Mandy!’ – S02E08 or Episode 16

Mandy definitely ticks the boxes to be part of the Vinnie’s Girls entourage. Would be nice to see her back again in an episode or two.

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