Unofficial Entourage Season 5 Teaser

This has been popping in and around town lately..

A must post. Wishing it wasn’t a sketchy release though. Enjoy it before HBO releases theirs! sign of the Dom!


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7 responses to “Unofficial Entourage Season 5 Teaser

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  2. Heath

    What song is that?

  3. entfan

    Check out the above story and video for an exclusive look at Kevin Connolly in the opening scene from Season 5 of Entourage. He watches as Vincent Chase and Medellin are slammed by tv critics. September 7th is just around the corner and this was just the appetizer we needed. Tasty!

  4. hush956

    download all flossed out theme song here
    [audio src="" /]

  5. John

    hush956, your file is incomplete. It ends abruptly @3:00…

  6. Martim

    hi, I´m a big fan, I loved the soundtrack of the season five, can someone, send to me some names of the tracks please? thank you

  7. Juan

    someone know where I can get the lyric of this song,,, I’m learning english and to learn more singing,,, greetings.

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