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Sneak peak at Season 5 Episode 1

Maureen Ryan, a Chicago Tribune Reviewer has just recently released a minute of the first episode of Season 5. Sit back and enjoy:

Interesting to note the director Mark Mylod, he seems to be the director commissioned for Season 5. Mark was the man in charge for most of Season 4, and his debut was in the episode ‘Strange Days’ in Season 3.

And whilst you’re here, take a quick look at the wonderfully designed Entourage Season 5 Comic Book Style Promo – a visual delight by

Also for further spoilers check out Wikipedia’s Season 5 Episode Guide, where they reveal some basic plot outlines.

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Five Towns Trailer

This short film has been chosen by HBO “from among thousands” apparently, as the trailer for Johnny Drama’s Five Towns fictional TV series.

Put your hands together for a job well done. We love it. And we want more!
If there was a comp, dang it! We missed out, but if there wasn’t, c’mon HBO continue with that community spirit of yours, and make a comp!

In other news, Entourage has been seen shooting in Queens over the last few days. Could this be the boys revisiting their past in Season 5? Or maybe visiting Dom in rehab?

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Season 5 Official Teaser & Behind the Scenes

Two must see videos on First being the Official Teaser, and the second a short behind-the-scenes clip featuring some of the celebrity cameos including Mark Wahlberg, Tony Bennett and Giovanni Ribisi.

Less than 2 weeks away till the premiere. Make sure you keep scouring, you never know what they might reveal over the next couple of weeks. And fill in that wiki!

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The Official Entourage Wiki

In a great move by HBO, they just released an official Entourage Wiki, which we can be a part of.
They have created a neat template, with spaces to fill. The profile pages aren’t filled in yet, only basic information is there. It seems to me Entourage is in for the long haul, not just one more season!

It will definitely be a great point of reference, and it will be interesting to see how everyone see’s our favorite stars and how it develops. Make sure you check it out and while your there go fill out Ari’s details: Ari Gold’s Official Entourage Wiki Profile.


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Entourage on iTunes

You haven’t heard?

Well, here’s some links:

Has anyone had a chance to look at the episodes available? Anything additional stuff to the box sets that we have? Hmm I guess not…
The Apple and HBO marketing machine has pulled into fifth gear…..September couldn’t be a couple of weeks away? could it?!!?

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Another Wahlberg Cameo

The excitement continues as a some teasers from the upcoming Season 5 of Entourage are revealed.
Marky Mark set for his second cameo appearance.

In an interview with AP, Mark Wahlberg reveals how he is getting a scene with our own Ari Gold. He explains:

“…but I didn’t get to do a scene with Jeremy Piven,” Wahlberg said. “This time it’s me and Piven going at it, so it was fun.” – Mark Wahlberg,
(Wahlberg to make cameo appearance on `Entourage’)

Another interesting fact, was that Mark Wahlberg said “he’d love to see a real-life movie version of “Aquaman”. He continues “People automatically assumed that I was going to really make that movie….My agent was even crazy enough to try to get Jim Cameron to direct it.”

A little too much for a fake movie, but interesting to hear more rumors and facts continuing to surface (pun intended).

Now if it had starred Vincent Chase or Mark Wahlberg, would you go see it? Personally I’m torn. Although if there was another movie tied in to Season 5, and was made as part of the season then maybe.


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