The Official Entourage Wiki

In a great move by HBO, they just released an official Entourage Wiki, which we can be a part of.
They have created a neat template, with spaces to fill. The profile pages aren’t filled in yet, only basic information is there. It seems to me Entourage is in for the long haul, not just one more season!

It will definitely be a great point of reference, and it will be interesting to see how everyone see’s our favorite stars and how it develops. Make sure you check it out and while your there go fill out Ari’s details: Ari Gold’s Official Entourage Wiki Profile.


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3 responses to “The Official Entourage Wiki

  1. VOD has made me really love this show. When it first came out I thought the premise just sounded moronic…. Little did I know I was showing my own small mindedness….
    Now that I’ve seen them all in order over the past year I can’t wait to see the new season….
    I’ll definitely check out the wiki, thanks for the post to make others aware!

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