Episode 1 “Fantasy Island” Review

Wow! All the elements were there. What an entertaining half-hour.

Even though we were all expecting the disappointment of Medellin, we learn that during the off-season, Vince has been without an offer for 6 months. How devastating it would’ve been for our Vinnie.

But then we revisit Vincent Chases’ suave laid-back lifestyle, this time on a beach in Mexico (actually Oahu, Hawaii) with chicks attending his every need, loving life at the worst of times. What an inspiration, what a dream.
Those girls will definitely need to be looked at in the future (hint: Vinnie’s Girls).

In the mean time, his big bro Johnny Drama is back at his cringe-worthy best, posing for a Five Towns shoot with his ‘best side’, while trying to have a long distance relationship with his love from Cannes – Jacqueline. And how can we forget our Ari Gold, ’twas a refreshing sight indeed, as he rampaged through his office, shouting obscenities and commanding his loyal employees while trying to get Vinnie another job.

This has just whet the appetite. What a season it will be.



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2 responses to “Episode 1 “Fantasy Island” Review

  1. Brilliant. Look forwarding starting to watch again. I’ve just realised I’ve got access to complete season 1 on my hbo on demand now, so will have a marathon soon for warm up 🙂

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