Episode 6 “Redomption” Review

Episode 6 “Redomption“. Dom has his comeback, whilst being chased by the police. It doesn’t start well, and Dom gets busted. His criminalistic character trait is continued. But he was much more appealing than his previous appearances.
E ends up posting bail for him, but it just got annoying when Dom is seen holding his baby in several shots. Seems like Doug Ellin was trying to appease the fans’ opinion of Dom. I don’t think it worked.
Generally I thought that storyline progressed a little too quick. Did Dom’s wife have to drive off already?!
It was nice to see Ari back in his element, as he goes golfing with Alan Gray to get Vincent his Smokejumpers part. This takes a bit of a twist when Alan dies of a heart attack. Again a somewhat unsatisfying event, although hilariously funny. I think it would’ve been nice if Ari was the direct cause of this.
The dialogue between Bob, Alan and Ari was classic. And I thought the return of Bob Ryan, and Phil Mickelson‘s cameo were clever inclusions.
Ari Gold definitely holds this episode together.
This season has really shown us the bizarre behavior of Johnny Drama, and especially this episode. Turtle becoming his assistance?! That was hilarious and I’m glad it ended before it started. Drama was pathetic, Turtle went up a notch in my books taking all that crap from him and giving back one.

We are now half way through the season, and I was waiting for a bit of a slow episode, and we got it. It was just too good for the first five.
So what do you think so far? Are you still as avid a fan as you were in the beginning of the season? Please comment!


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7 responses to “Episode 6 “Redomption” Review

  1. Daan

    I sure am but I’m sad to see we’re already half way trough the season. As with life, Entourage is too short 🙂

  2. daniel

    i think this episode was great like its getting us into the story and it keeps you guessing on what will happen on the next episode and thats what good shows do. and entourage needs to be an hour.

  3. Cameron

    I thought the episode was great. Its just what the show needed in order to get things going on the upside for all the guys. A lot of people talk about how they don’t like Drama’s character anymore, but the fact of the matter is that we have never really seen how he acts with this much success. When was the last time he was the bread winner of the two Chase brothers? Its obviously gone to his head a little bit, and I think that is vintage Johnny Drama. I like the direction all of the characters are going, and the show would not be what it is without all four of the guys (Ari too obviously). I’m excited to see things turn around for the crew.

  4. icis

    guys what was the sound track of closing credits?
    i cant find it…its a rap and all i heard is the word “imagine”…

  5. Hey icis!
    It’s Snoop Dogg & Dr.Dre’s “Imagine” from Snoop’s Blue Carpet Treatment album. Check out the link on on the right hand side under “Did you know?”.

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