Episode 7 “Gotta Look Up to Get Down” Review

Episode 7 “Gotta Look Up to Get Down” was my favorite episode of the season, and possibly the series. A big statement I know, but the all the elements were there, from Ari Gold’s career on the rise (what a f*ckin’ legend..it was luck but who cares?) to Eric and Turtle ganging up on Drama, like the old days.

The boys were also back to their old habits, trying to score some women, and failing at it. Vincent and his principles were back to jeopardizing his career again. Plus there was no sign of Dom.

The moment between Ari and Vince was an unexpected emotional scene. Kudos to the whole team behind Entourage and to Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier. That scene was just too good.

I know that this hasn’t revealed too much of the plot, but I feel like the episode has spoke for itself. And has definitely brought the series back to the top.

The Special Guest List was also cool: Beverley D’Angelo, Jeffrey Tambor, Constance Zimmer, Alan Dale, Jason Isaacs and Debi Mazar.
Oh by the way check out our first poll below, should be interesting to see:


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10 responses to “Episode 7 “Gotta Look Up to Get Down” Review

  1. Caryn

    Such a great episode. All the elements were there indeed. I’d like to say it was my favourite of the season, but I think it has to be tied with ‘Tree Trippers’. That was just too hilarious.
    I’m glad they’re advancing the plot a little, with Ari’s big decision, and maybe a new client for E? Haha just kidding.
    My all time favourite remains the emmy award winning “A Day in the Valley” from season 3. Must have watched the ep 20 times.

  2. Jack

    Bravo HBO! A very nice episode and an intriguing ending. I really can’t wait to see ep 8!

  3. This episode did a lot, in a season where the plot seems to thicken, little by little. There was a lot going on here. It got very hectic, which forced Ari to see if the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence. We have seen Ari only make one other change, and that was from Terrence’s Agency, to His own & Bab’s. I am willing to go on the ride that Doug Ellin chooses to take me at this point. But, I am in hopes that it doesnt change the amazing dynamic we have with this set of characters too much… The show fits, in a way that no show on television has done in years…

  4. allan


    what was the song that was played at the end of the episode .. it really fits the scene


  5. Kevin

    Great episode! Probably one of my favorite episodes ever. The song you were looking for is “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead. It does fit the sceen perfectly.
    I wonder where they will go with this, will arie possibly turn down the job for vince? I don’t know if I would like that, seems a little hard to believe that someone would turn down a job offer like that.

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  7. Jonathan

    amazing music…its the music that helps make the show great.

  8. Chris

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  9. John M Lee

    simply amazing. the music, the awkward conversation between ari and vince at the airport hangar. everything was so well-balanced. it made me breathless at the end. bravo!

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