Episode 8 “First Class Jerk” Review

Ari Gold is officially back to his best! This was the “Ari Gold” episode of the season, and possibly the series so far. After you all voted that the previous episode was the best this season (58%!) I was wondering how this one would compare. And I have to say it did a pretty good job.

Turtle‘s adventure with Jamie Lynn Sigler was classy, he definitely scored points in my book. Jamie Lynn most memorable for playing Meadow Soprano, is one hot woman! And Drama was being his usual self, the character we love to hate at times. Also worth mentioning is Frank Darabont‘s cameo, how cool was that!

Vincent looks like he’s back in the fray with Smoke Jumpers and his career in general, thanks to the one and only Ari Gold. He’s still playing a bit part though. But maybe this episode was the turning point.

Bringing back the sexual tension between Dana Gordon and Ari, that’s more of what we want. Dana Gordon is hot stuff. I can almost see a little cat fight occuring between three of Ari’s most powerful women : Mrs. Gold, Amanda and Dana. Something to definitely look out for! Time for you to vote again! Who’s your favorite woman?


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12 responses to “Episode 8 “First Class Jerk” Review

  1. Alex

    Umm The hottest woman by FAR has to be Sloan… Duh!

  2. This is a pivotal point in this season as well as for the future seasons. It will be interesting to see as the show progresses how Dana Gordon battles her shareholders and Ari’s interests. It will also be interesting to see the mindset of Vince.

  3. san

    Hey does anyone have any clue which song is playing during the end credits?

  4. This is the season turn around for me. I was on the edge of my seat during this one. Ari came through and proved to be less of a scumbag than anyone in Hollywood would ever be, in real life.

    On a harsher note, I’m very relieved Alan is dead and Dana runs the studio, this gives so much potential for Vince, with Smokejumpers, I Want To Be Sedated, & possibly Aquaman 3. (F@ck, if Spidey can do it, so can Aquaman). Doug Ellin better hook us the hell up with how bad the last season ended…

    Oh yeah, San… the song is “Come Get with It” by: Basic Vocab

  5. Viking

    I’m about ready to give up on the show which I’ve been watching and loving since the first episode. It used to be witty, now it’s just nasty and juvenile. As an author I always loved the writing, the character interplay, and the inside look at Hollywood, but now all I see is a bunch of potty-mouthed middle schoolers.

    I’m disappointed that the writing has gone way downhill this season, notably in this last episode where Ari didn’t take the job. A show that used to be funny, witty, sharp now seems juvenile, especially in this last episode where Ari did not take the studio job.

    His homophobic ranting is now way over-the-top and no longer funny. He’s starting to sound like he has Tourette’s Syndrome. He used to be entertaining to watch–now he seems loud and shrill. The posse treated Turtle with over-the-top cruelty and the endless bitching over whether he got a hand job or not ate up way too much air time.

    What happened to the smarts on this show? What happened to the elegant, groundbreaking writing? Are the same people in charge of the scripts any more? The show has run out of ideas and is just recycling itself, and sounding lame and stale.

  6. I was bored and I already don’t remember what happened.

  7. Lucas

    We didn’t forget cute Emily, did we? She’s definitely one of my favorites so far.

    And Dana Gordon is the hottest Ari-woman, period.

  8. Lucas

    Oh, and I personally think this was one of the best episodes of Entourage. The juvenile element has been present from the beginning. Don’t start whining the show’s becoming too immature. It’s a boys’ show. If you don’t like that element, may be should hook up with Lloyd some time!;)

  9. Nick

    This show gets better and better every season, if its getting juvenille, than thats what i am. An immature ,foul mouth with torrets spitting out sentance fragments of demeaning venaculars of the homosexuality of chinamen everywhere…But even they laugh when Ari says that stuff.

  10. mike

    that episode 7 i think, the one with dre in the ending score. wow. that was intense. that song is sick what an immaculate selection. anyways im not too stoked about smokejumpers anyway, arent there other projects more intriguing than that. i mean 2nd lead? wheres this show goin? i wana see some magic. in the first couple seasons ari and e made copperfield look like an accountant. it was fun watching them tear up hollywood. now its losin that special something. entourage is my absolute favorite show id rather miss church than an episode. but lets see some serious breakthroughs of some pre-medillin magic. come onnnn. ya boy. mike.

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  12. leesa

    i LOVE MRS. GOLD ! shes the best ! i would LOVE to see more of her !!

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