Episode 10 “Seth Green Day” Review

With only three episodes left, Episode 10 “Seth Green Day” certainly wasn’t one of my favorites, but it was still entertaining!
Vincent Chase, still seems to be a bit of a pussy, and a little low on confidence. When Vinnie approaches Verner – the director – about his lines, he is totally put down, and ends the episode doing some kind of strange elocution training. Turning into a whack job.
Episode 10 "Seth Green Day" E going back to Sloane, another pathetic choice by E, and seems to me like he’s also suffering with low self esteem. Maybe Charlie (played by Bow Wow), will give our boys the boost that they need?!
Seth Green was awesome on the phone with E, Seth’s entourage played a funny role contributing to Seth’s lame jokes. But what I think was the scene of the episode, was when Charlie punches Seth Green for mentioning Charlie’s possible replacement – “International sensation” Nick Cannon.
This happens in front of E, after a little tension before their studio meeting between E and Seth, and it was was freakin’ awesome.
Charlie, played by Bow Wow. Yeah Baby!
Ari Gold putting his foot down, over Babs, that was classic Ari, and I hope that continues. Andrew Klein seems to have caught the contagious low-confidence bug going round, so let’s hope he doesn’t suffer too much longer. I’m sure Ari will make things right. Let’s hope the next two episodes finish the season on a high!

Oh and the song at the end of credits was Beautiful Life by Shawn Anthony, and the song in the middle of the episode was Day’n’Nite by Kid Cudi.


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98 responses to “Episode 10 “Seth Green Day” Review

  1. Jdizzle

    Anybody know what the name of the song was early in the episode when Eric goes to meet Seth?

    • katie

      Day N Night. Kid Cudi.

    • DMO

      Seth Green day is my absolute favorite episode out of seasons 1-5. I love at the end when Nick Cannon jacks Seth Green in the face. Seth green does a great job getting on my nerves, but I loved this episode.

  2. Joe

    Anyone know the song that was playing in the end credits?

  3. Cj

    What was the end credit song on this episode?

  4. G

    YEP YEP…at the end of the episode that song that played….THAS MONEY!! who sings it and whats the name of it?



  5. rastamn123

    i know that that chick bow wow was hittin was jenaveve. thas was up

  6. corey r

    earlier sounded like a new kanye maybe?

  7. chris

    Anyone find that song when E goes to meet Seth?

  8. Matty

    Tell me the mutha fuckin name of the song that’s playing when E rolls up to the meeting with Seth…so sick…

  9. sam

    know where to find credit song?

  10. chris

    post some of the lyrics of the song when e goes to meet seth..try to google them

  11. Ant

    Kid Cudi- Day and Night

  12. Ant

    i believe that’s what you guys are looking for

  13. corey r

    is that the ending credits or the earlier song?

  14. Matty

    i fucking love you ant..

  15. Ant

    when he meets up with seth

  16. john

    ending credit song please

  17. sam

    googled lyrics for credit song…cant find it

  18. cj

    i guess we’ll have to wait till hbo.com posts it

  19. dave

    the ending was

    Song: Da Art Of Storytellin’ Part 2
    Artist: Outkast

  20. dave

    the music on this show is the shittt

  21. sam

    That was last episode

  22. cj

    incorrect Dave… that was last week

  23. Eric

    Seriously??? No one knows the ending credits song? WTF?!?!?!

  24. Carroll985

    Yeah the song where E pulls up to the pizza place is Kid Cudi -“Day N Nite”. No one knows the ending credits song!?! Anyone please!! My Shazam “song finder” on my iphone couldn’t even tell me what the song was…. How long tell HBO will post the info???

  25. Eric

    This is ridiculous! Maybe once it’s over on the west coast someone will know.

  26. b

    maybe its a new bow wow song???? kind of sounded like him. ive

  27. Sean

    Ending credit song was badass. Dudes gonna blow up whenever we find out who the hell it was… Been searching for it for about 35 min now…

  28. Arjay

    Anyone know the song that was playing in the end credits?who is the artist of the song and what’s the title?

  29. prop joe

    anyone remember any of the lyrics?

  30. Longfellow

    I NEED the name of that song at then end.

  31. Geezy

    Kid Cudi has a mixtape/album on Z-share called A Kid Named Cudi, if you like music, you will love the album. Been bumpin it here in OH for months since he is from Cleveland. Mad respect

  32. shane



  33. larry

    the lyrics:

    penthouse in the sky
    pretty bitch by my side
    it’s a beautiful life, its a beautiful life

  34. joe

    whats the song and the end?? anyone?!?!

  35. George

    Looks like I’m not the only one searching for the song in the credits. It’s a hot song.

  36. George

    That’s it! Thank you so much I’ve been searching for the song for at least a hour now.

  37. George

    Ahhh I jumped the gun. That plays during the episode, we need the song during the credits.

  38. joe

    the one you posted george is a remix, the original from the movie is by kid cudy – day n nite

  39. alex

    i aint the pimp of the year, i aint the pimp of the month, …. i want it!!!!! thats all i remember…

  40. b

    This has to be something unreleased thats about to pop. NO ONE can find it online anywhere

  41. Andrew

    ….I aint the pimp of the year I aint the pimp of the month…

    ….now gimme the blunt so I can put the kush in the air….

    …..I got only got three words for them hoes…

    …What a beautiful life…

    been searching for hours, its NOWHERE! someone find this SONG!!!!!

  42. alex

    god this blows. finally, after tupac died, we get a decent rap song, and now we cant find it! come on guys i wana hear this before i sleep!

  43. M

    I aint the pimp of the year…I aint the pimp of the month…hey look ok pimp…I’m trying to get some trim on the front…now gimme the blunt ..so I can put the kush in the air…she looking good over there….she cooking down with a player

    gotta stable the horses…

    Someone must know it!!!

  44. cj

    beautiful life- shawn anthony thats it

  45. corey r

    sean anthony – beautiful life, un released

  46. AJ

    Sean Anthony – Beautiful Life

    Can’t find this song anywhere, it needs to be released!

    Anybody have any luck?

  47. Franchise

    I’ve been calling people in the business asking around, apparently a n underground marketing campaign is underway to promote him, he has a youtube page, nicely done i might add. but Beautiful Life is not even on the youtube page, can’t find the song anywhere!

  48. AJ

    I have NEVER heard a song on entourage I couldn’t find…

    And now that I can’t find it I want it even more, either way that song was sick!

    If somebody can find it please please post here!!!

  49. Franchise

    It’s not available unless someone in his camp releases it. I suggest getting people to go over to his youtube page and commenting on releasing the mp3 or at least youtube video so we can listen to the song in its entirety

  50. beezy

    to all you people wondering about the songs from the spisodes.. it lists them all from each episode and when they were played on the official website.. i just found this out when i was trying to find that sick song at the end of the seth green episode… its “beautiful life” by shawn marshall. check out for all the other songs


  51. Carroll985

    Thanks to everyone who’ve been searching & looking for the song! Hopefully it will be released soon!
    AJ, you serious? Last year (last season) when the crew was getting on the plane & they played Kanyes “good life” song….it hadn’t been released yet &
    It was like a good month before I could get it! That was a looong month waiting for that song!

  52. Sean

    Well… I don’t think Wonderland Outpost is the artist, but the song is there…

  53. Franchise

    If anyone wants the mp3 I have it: you can email me at:

  54. Franchise

    actually please don’t email me, I will post it and post a url for download

  55. djones

    the kid cuddi song day night is featuring jim jones its been out for a little minute now

  56. Franchise

    Here you guys go!

    Shawn Anthony – Beautiful Life Mp3
    Entourage Season 5 Episode 10 Credits Song


  57. Franchise

    Francis pats himself on the back 🙂

  58. Ducks

    franchise you are the man, I have no idea how you got this cause I’ve been looking for it all night but however you did it nice work

  59. AJ

    Good life? I used to live in Vegas and one of my DJ Buddies sent me the song the next day.

    Probably the 5th time now I’ve heard a song on entourage then ran around trying to find it.

  60. AJ

    Franchise, your the motherf*ckin man!

  61. Franchise

    hahaha thanks guys.

  62. ronmexico

    franchise came through

  63. Mike

    Hey guys I have been searching around for Beautiful Life and I finally found it online, I guess this guys are linked to Shawn Anthony.


    Its the 4th song on the player. Enjoy (and thanks for the mp3 whoever posted it above)

  64. tak10

    the songs wasn’t very hard to find. just a little.. limewire is a fine thing, even though it is a crappy prog it will give you the songs you need..

  65. George

    Thank you guys so much for posting a link to the song. I’m glad I bookmarked this page.

  66. ChrisD

    Does anyone know the name of the girl bow wow is in bed with in the beginning of the episode?

  67. brett

    heres the actual song…. beautiful life … enjoy

  68. brett

    my bad.. here you go.

  69. J

    Anybody know anything about the T shirt Drama was wearing. It was black with a white lightning bolt on the front and said something Electricity on the back. Any clues would help. Thx.

  70. T

    Thanks for the .mp3 francis. I’ve been looking for days!

  71. Makes me so SAD the season is almost over!!

  72. drave

    Anyone know what band was playing when Ari runs out looking for Barbara and then again when he busts into the womens conference?

  73. Flipp

    I found a better version of
    Shawn Anthony -Beautiful Life

    [audio src="http://rapidshare.com/files/163170925/Shawn_Anthony_-_Beautiful_Life.mp3" /]

  74. Ronin Storm

    Kevin Matchstick from Matt Wagner’s Mage: The Hero Discovered comic wore a black t-shirt with a lightning bolt. Drama’s T made me think of the 80’s graphic novel. Hope this helps.

  75. Brian

    Anyone know what blackberry Ari has?

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  77. Guu

    Fk tat seth green Ahole. never wanna see him on the show again or imma go up to the set and fking sucker punch him myself.

  78. bekah

    ahhh! just watched the episode, googled those lyrics for about 20 minutes, then i find this website! thanks franchise… good job finding the song, now all i gotta do is get the song from my windows media player to my IPOD… or at least first to my iTunes… anyone help?????

  79. thesource


  80. Mitch

    I think he uses de Blackberry CURVE 🙂

  81. Josh

    that sean anthony song has been out for months noone has heard it til entourage i guess

  82. Josh

    that sean anthony song has been out for months noone has heard it til entourage i guess, its reggay???

  83. you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs ~-;

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