Episode 11 “Play’n with Fire” Review

The Penultimate Episode! Thanks for all of you that vented your frustrations at my delay and posted your praises for this episode. If you haven’t, join in the fun and type up something in the comments!
Play'n With Fire, Episode 11, Season 5, Entourage.Smokejumpers seems to be finally over for Vincent…or postponed. It seems to me as if they resolved the ongoing feud with Vincent/Verner in rather dramatic fashion, and I’m not really sure how Vinnie is going to come out of all this. This season has definitely been his downfall. While this might be a bit of a downer for all you Vincent Chase fans, I have this feeling he’ll comeback with a bang next season.

Ari was in top form again, being the powerful yet humorous suit that he is. And Turtle’s little fling with Jamie Lynn-Sigler is now more than! Turtle finally getting his way, and adding several notches to his belt was awesome this season, maybe he’ll be the one rescuing Vinnie and the boys next season?
The side story about his real name (Sal, if you must know) was an intriguing one.
Play'n with Fire, Turtle's real name is Sal.E seemed like this confident controlled guy when he stood up for Vinnie. That scene was a great climax to this episode, and the use of Rammstein’s Du Hast was awesome. Rage Against The Machine’s Guerilla Radio was also in there when Ari Gold first receives the news about Vinnie and Smokejumpers, double awesome.

The final episode next week should be an awesome send off for the boys, although there will definitely be a bit more soul searching for Vincent. This season was almost a build up for Season Six, but will it be Vincent’s comeback season?


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25 responses to “Episode 11 “Play’n with Fire” Review

  1. Brian

    Anyone know what kind of blackberry Ari uses? they show his phone a lot in this episode…

  2. Issey

    how many seasons of entourage will there be? this episode kinda made it seem like the next episode would be the end, but i do hope there will be more

  3. Fan

    Does anyone know the Cajun place Turtle and Jamie went to last night? Thanks.

  4. GermanFan


    Uh, I liked Turtle a much in this episode 😀 Its cool, when hes in love 😀

    But why do they write Verner with a “V”?? If hes from Germany, it should just be “Werner”! 😀


  5. george

    does anyone know the song at the end of episode eleven?

  6. the cajun place Turtle and jamie were @ is called Harold & Belle’s. The song at the end was Robin Thicke’s “Dreamworld” I went and downloaded it to my Zune asap. 🙂

  7. Blair

    I think that song is by Robin Thicke it’s called Dreamworld. At least that’s what the iPhone app Shazam tells me.

  8. jp

    They signed the show for a season six. they said it should start shooting in january and premier next summer.

  9. Litos

    Probably one, if not the best, episode yet. SAL??? Awesome!!

  10. b

    Is that the first time in the series Turtle’s real name has been revealed? I’m glad to hear of a 6th season, I really got into this show recently and the last episode does make it seem like they’re going back to NY and calling it a day. I’m glad HBO started playing the whole series from episode one recently.

  11. This episode did what it was supposed to do. Got smokejumpers out of the way, Re-established the bond between Ari and the boys, Gave Turtle something to do & Introduced Andrew Kline to the boys.

    All in all 4 out of 5 stars. I especially enjoyed Ari’s German/Jew joke.

  12. nayen

    dude when are u gonna finish writing the damn review?? ive been waiting since morning!!

  13. abs

    ellin has got 8 seasons prepared..

  14. abs

    best episode so far in this season.. felt as soon it was the last though

  15. mrd

    Ok, WTF is going on????????? How will they turn this around seriously. Vince can’t make a come back in this season. It seems HBO is going to make a spin off with Ari. I’m pissed right now. I miss the on top Vince making million dollar movies. I know they are taking a different direction with the show showing the obstacles a actor like Vince has to go through before being a successfully actor in the business but how long are they going to keep my man down here???? Now for the upcoming episode coming back to Queens I have to admit will be fun to see but the whole direction they are taking this is making me worried. Like the others had said it made them feel like the show was ending but I know they gang signed on for a 6th season. So either the next episode will blow me away or make me never want me to watch the show again

  16. mike

    does anyone know why the last episode is not on demand?

  17. jp

    ya i was curious about that too. i wanted to watch the episode again but couldn’t get it on demand. I’m glad they changed the show to make it more dramatic and interesting. i was getting kind of tired of the same old thing in the first 4 seasons, the charactors have really developed from careless kids to more mature adults. I think vince will eventually return to the top but it will be darkest before dawn before it happens. I am as into the show as ever and i hope doug ellen keeps up the good work. Next episode should be awesome!!

  18. Great episode. I thought they had boxed themselves into a corner with the Verner/Vince storyline. It was difficult to see how Vince could make a comeback if his comeback role was reduced to a supporting character with few lines, but they did it. Better to have the movie not seeing the light of the day than have it released with Vince in it as a non-entity. That would mean two dud roles in a row. But they pulled it off, paving the way for Vince to make a comeback of Lazarus proportions. Hats off to the HBO writers. It was also great to see Turtle getting his own storyline and the bit where his real name is revealed was a seminal moment for him. Classic episode. Can’t wait for the next one. Looks like they have done an expert job of setting Vince and the boys up for Season 6.

  19. Great Entourage blog btw.

  20. JeffC

    Although this episode was very good. It was also very sad for me as a fan. This season has gone way too fast. What happened to having 17-20 weeks of a SEASON? I’m upset that we have to wait another 7 months to watch again after waiting over a full year because of the writers strike. Anyways why can’t Turtle catch a break. I would have stayed in L.A with Jamie. Looks like she’s diggin him. As far as Vince goes why can’t he ever catch a break. The writers need to make this fun all over again. More $$$, Bitches and movies. I’m hoping the gang does’nt end it all next season.

  21. Staci

    What a joke! I can’t believe there are entries from ‘fans’ on this site. You guys can’t really get behind a show about a no talent actor lead by a no talent actor?!?!? Clearly Piven carrys this program and ‘Vince’ has NO WHERE TO GO. The only hope these writers have is to hook ‘Vinnie’ up with a “Hollywood Sugar Mama” that can keep him cast in soap operas and play on the smutty romance novel angle to keep sad eyes employed. The other characters are weak and undeveloped, ‘Drama’ was better as Bunny 20 years ago and ‘E’ is of absolutely no interest. ‘Turtle’ is somewhat likable but also of very little interest. (Guys….Seinfield has already run the guantlet on a show about ‘NOTHING’ featuring a bland and simple supporting cast – at least they had Kramer.) Without a strong story line, and only one truly talented man in the cast (Piven) I can’t imagine that HBO will continue to burn the time, effort, cash and bandwidth necessary to produce and transmit this series. They would be much better off featuring Walburg (who could hold his own with Piven) and take this into a more believable ‘behind the scenes’ look at Hollywood. I’m hugely bummed and majorly dissapointed in a concept that I believed had so much potential but that has been so poorly executed. I have deleted Entourgage from my DVR schedule and suggest that HBO remove their tag from syndication (if any).

  22. @Staci, Entourage is watched my millions in and outside of the US. It’s a great show. One of the hippest and smartest around. Yes, Ari Gold/Jeremy Piven is arguably the best character and actor in the show, and Vince Chase is a less showy part. But that’s the point. Vince is the straight man, offering light relief and shade against the chaos and comedy around him. And I personally believe Adam Grenier is perfectly cast as Vince and does a fantastic job in the part. By the way, your argument (notwithstanding stupid suggestions such as making the real-life actor/producer behind the show the star of the show when the show is all about an actor striving to become a star) is undermined by your inability to spell. For example, “Mark Walburg” is spelt Mark Wahlberg.

    Cheers/Darren Davidson in London

  23. TravelinTF

    Does anyone else feel the NY Ramones love???
    Ive been wonderin where the heck this season is going, but now that our boys are headed back to NYC im thinking the Ramones project may rebirth..

    Is that something you might be interested in???

  24. Victoria

    Does anyone know the song that was playing during the preview for episode 12 ? Thanks!

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