Episode 12 “Return To Queens Blvd” Preview

The Final Episode of of Season.
As you know the Return To Queens Blvd, is Season 5’s Finale, will it be the catalyst for next season? I really don’t think it will. Although it look’s like E puts his role on the line while trying to help Vincent out (see HBO’s Episode 12 Preview). Personally I don’t think the final episode has any bearing on how good/bad this season was so I think it will be a cool chillaxed kind of ep.Season Finale on soon!
Season 5 has almost become a bit of a re-introduction to the boys, and their dynamics, I almost think after such a delay, they had to re-introduce the characters a bit. Maybe this even gained new fans?! Also given that there was a writers’ strike earlier this year, I don’t think they had much time to elaborate, and expand the series. That’s why it was quite eventful, yet not deep in plotlines/character building.
This bodes well for the next two seasons, which I think will explode, and be Entourage’s best.

So what did you all think of this season?


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12 responses to “Episode 12 “Return To Queens Blvd” Preview

  1. I just started watching this season and after watching all the previous season I would say it ranks up there. Season 2 is my favorite though. But 5 does a good job with character development

  2. Was that Michael Phelps? I didn’t see him listed in the credits…

    Having Entourage back is a blessing…. but Vince just didn’t seem the same and I didn’t like this season as much as prior seasons.

    Welcome back none the less – I’m looking forward to see how the story continues!!

  3. I have watched Entourage religiously and even attracted a handful of fans to the show. This Season 5 was one of the best. It gave each and every character their own spotlight. Even though I felt it a little short it only reflects the saying, quality over quantity.

  4. George

    Yes that was Phelps that E bumped into.

  5. Carlos J.

    I think the finale was good. It ended on a good note which kinda got to me because I would have loved a cliffhanger… But all was good now lets bring home that statue for Vinnie

  6. corey r

    is this scorcese film suppose to be walbergs role in the departed? i know entourage is based loosely on marks real life… just a guess, curious

  7. bekah

    haha did anyone notice micheal phelps in there when e was talkin to ari in queens?

  8. sb

    anyone know the song thats played in the last episode of season five? the “yeah, yeah, yeah” one

  9. danger

    cudos to the writers to give a nice girlfriend to Turtle!!
    One of the best series ever!!!

  10. I have been addicted to entourage since I picked them up at best buy on the day after thanks giving sale.

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  12. Good information. Now that’s what I really like. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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