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Entourage Remixed has released three brand new Youtube clips of Ari Gold, Drama and Turtle. Remixing the last four seasons into a nice little package. Check out Ari Gold’s Remix:
They’re quite entertaining, and a nice rehash of the previous seasons. A great intro for those who aren’t fans yet, especially Ari’s one.


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Unofficial Entourage Season 5 Teaser

This has been popping in and around town lately..

A must post. Wishing it wasn’t a sketchy release though. Enjoy it before HBO releases theirs! sign of the Dom!


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Entourage Season 5 Premiere

Set your Betamax’s, VCRs, TiVos and whatever alarm you got! Because come September you will be sitting down and enjoying the Fifth Season of Entourage.

BuddyTV and Zap2it both seem to mention what we already know, September being the month it will premiere, but they also add that it will be on the 7th.

Now I would usually be skeptical about this kind of report, and I definitely wouldn’t bet on the dates, but thanks to the last few months of entourage-less tv, we have all been salivating over some kind of news on Season 5, f*ck the refreshers and reviews of the past seasons (although great if you’re a newcomer).
C’mon HBO, we all want some real meat!
….and remember what we said about Dom. (although you were awesome in ‘The Wire‘ Mr. Lombardozzi)

UPDATE: Check Out for the times in your state – so far set your recorders to 10pm! – 27/08/08


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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Three

Time to feature one of our favorites in this series – Mandy Moore. Mandy has one hot booty, but very sophisticated and too mind-numbing for our Vinnie. I still think Vinnie preferred Sophie Monk. I guess the producers decided on that one?!

To give something back to Mandy, she did have a closer relationship with our Vincent, although lust was most definitely involved.

Mandy Moore, Vinnie\'s 3rd Choice?!
  • Born on April 10, 1984. From New Hampshire, USA.
  • American pop singer, songwriter, model, and actress. An All-Rounder.
  • A Glass-half-full kind of person.
  • See more @ Mandy
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘Oh Mandy!’ – S02E08 or Episode 16

Mandy definitely ticks the boxes to be part of the Vinnie’s Girls entourage. Would be nice to see her back again in an episode or two.

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