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“Let’s hug it out, bitch!”
Ari Gold

“Hey! They drive that way in Tiananmen Square bitch?!”
Ari Gold

“We are gonna get drunk with Russell Crowe and we’re gonna head-butt some goddamn kangaroos
” – Ari Gold

“His tears will basically act as the lubricant”
Johnny Drama

“Fuckin art man. Fuck fuckin art. What are we. Come on.”

Turtle: I thought he quit?
Johnny Drama: Cigarettes, not pussy.

Johnny Drama: “I’d take it in the ass for an Oscar.”
Turtle: “You’d take it in the ass for a guest spot on the Hugheleys!”

“Oh yeah? You two crossed swords during your threesome… accident?”
Eric ‘E’ Murphy

Yeah, but I begged my GIRLFRIEND, Turtle… not some $40 hooker who declined my mother’s credit card.”
Eric ‘E’ Murphy

Turtle: This is where you should be living, Vince. In a kingdom, like a prince.
Eric: Don’t you mean in a kingdom like a king, you idiot?
Vince: Nah, E. Everyone wants to kill the king. But the prince, he just sails along telling all the ladies, “One day I’m gonna be king.”

11 responses to “Quotes

  1. Josh

    A great quote, and one of my favorites!

    “Your Fired, and in case your ears are fucked, GET THE FUCK OUT”

  2. Chintan

    one of my new favorites is definitely.

    The photo shoot guy, “I’m not gay, i just like to suck cock.”

  3. Chris

    Hey Guys!

    An insider just gave me this tip!!!!

    On Saturday, November 15, 2008, Jeremy will be at Manhattan’s Level V for a celebrity event celebrating his Broadway show, “Speed-the-Plow”
    from 10pm to 1am!!!

    Party Tickets are ONLY $150 a person to get down with JEREMY!!!! (Party & “Speed-the-Plow” tickets are ONLY $250 per person!!!!)

    GET THEM! at Piven Theatre box Office in Chicago at (847) 866-8049 or


  4. My Fav one of Ari is:

    “Josh F*cking Weinstein… I would rather let Vinni f*ck my wife”

  5. Sebastian

    The best one of the season has to be from “Pie” when Drama was like “Remind he got molested in Sleepers. It will throw him off.”

  6. Kurt

    One of the best quotes from Shauna when Drama is trying to buy the run-down apartment before he gets the nice one.
    “Are you retarded Drama? No brother of Vincent Chase is going to live like a transient crack whore!”

  7. Michael

    My favourite quote is from drama whan he says “no mean is when I made (whats her name) ride home after I ass fucked her.”

  8. Michael

    …her bicycle …

  9. Myles

    Turtle: “what are we doing here?”
    Drama: “I’m gonna golf and your gonna caddy, hit the lights”
    “9 iron”
    Turtle: “wait the maz really?”
    Drama: “it is really nice” – turns an smokes the benz and throws a gutted fish on the hood
    Turtle: “what are you the godfather”
    Drama: “No I’m just reminding him that Aquaman is back”

  10. Dominic P

    My favorite Ari line….season 2.

    Ari: What the FUCK are you wearing?

    Lloyd: I’m trying out new looks. This is my Andre 3000 look, do you like it?

    Ari: No, you look like fucking Michelle Kwan in drag. Now go do a triple axel back to your fucking desk and call Dana Gordon.

  11. Clifford P

    Fucking classic!
    Eric: We had breakup-sex, all right?
    Johnny Drama: Breakup-sex? Never heard of it.
    Eric: Yeah, I mean… you know… you have sex and… that’s it – you say goodbye.
    Johnny Drama: [pauses to think] That’s the only kinda sex I have.
    cant wait for sunday june 27 10:30 pm thats when season seven starts fuck yea!

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