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Download your Entourage

HBO, coolest network on the planet, know brings HBO on Broadband! Our favorite network – HBO, is launching a new service called ‘HBO on Broadband’ on Tuesday in Milwaukee and Green Bay in the US of A. You’ll be able to watch Entourage (and maybe ‘The Wire‘ 😉 ) when you feel like it (…also called ‘torrents’?).

At this point you won’t be able to squish them on you ‘pod but rumors suggest that might change quickly. It is quite interesting to note the following:

(HBO Exec’s) main fear was that viewers watching HBO programmes on the internet might decide to cancel their cable service. To avoid that, they will offer HBO on Broadband only to customers who contract to use their high-speed internet service from a cable operator.

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Where do you get your dose of Entourage?

After a retrospective look at an article titled ‘Entourage’ may be the next big thing for HBO, I was intrigued in the comment that Doug Ellin made:

“I still think most people watch that show (The Sopranos) by themselves. I think people gather to watch our show. They watch at parties. They also steal it. They get it online.”

New York Times Article: Generating Buzz in All the Right Places, ‘Entourage’ Fills a Gap for HBO.
August 28, 2006

Doug Ellin - Creator of Entourage

Personally, I get my dosage from my paid-for-subscription of HBO, but I know a lot of friends who download the episodes off the net (downloading using software called ‘torrents’ i think…is that what Doug means by stealing?) as they don’t have access to HBO.

How do you get yours? And is it easy if you can’t get them by A. Watching HBO or B. Buying the DVD sets?

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