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Episode 4 “Fire Sale” Review

The hangover has started. Vincent Chase on the brink of the b-grade, gets with Ari on a round of general meetings with studio execs. Ari can now see E’s ‘Smoke Jumper’ script as a big studio movie with Vinnie starring as the lead. But the meetings don’t bode so well.
E and Ari almost square off before a bidding war starts on the script. It seems that Vincent is almost a back story to this whole episode, as E and Drama take the limelight.

One of the hottest confrontations was between E and Amanda Daniels. She is one classy lady and she unleashes on E at a restaurant meeting. Remember she has that fling with Vincent a couple of seasons ago. She is one hot bird (played by Carla Gugino), and I’m glad she’s back.

Drama has a guest appearance on The View which ends in a disaster – his emotional outcry was absolutely f*ckin’ hilarious not to mention embarrassing. On the positive side Lloyd says all his friends loved it. Hilarious.

E eventually gets a $500,000 studio offer for the script with Vince in the supporting role. But there is another E conundrum, as Amanda puts up a $2 million offer for E’s script, plus Edward Norton minus Vincent Chase. E is left wondering whether to accept the offer and have Vinnie out of a job again.
Things are really heating up. Will Vincent Chase get a movie? Or will E be the main man?


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Episode 3 “The All Out Fall Out” Review

The All Out Fall Out, sounds like a metal album. And this episode certainly was all that. Ari with his Ferrari, and an all out war with his enemy, Adam Davies.

This episode really showed us the Ari of old. Adam Davies had him on the ropes, and Ari returned with a counter, and missed, but the class of the man showed in the end. And damn, his wife was pleasing to the eye. Hopefully we see more from her.

While that happened, Vince still left without a job, speaks with Shauna Roberts his publicist. Getting desperate with his dwindling moolah, it was time for Vince to make an appearance or two, and Shauna was there to help. At a sweet 16 to be exact. That was just hilarious, especially after Drama hits it with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

While Eric seems to be making inroads with his writing team (A script taking the interest of Mr. Edward Norton, Cameo coming up?!), it just doesn’t seem right to have Vinnie just laying around here and there. You can almost feel the tension building between E and Vince. Could this be the tension that drives them back to their roots in Queens. And maybe a get together with Dom? Argh!

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Episode 1 “Fantasy Island” Review

Wow! All the elements were there. What an entertaining half-hour.

Even though we were all expecting the disappointment of Medellin, we learn that during the off-season, Vince has been without an offer for 6 months. How devastating it would’ve been for our Vinnie.

But then we revisit Vincent Chases’ suave laid-back lifestyle, this time on a beach in Mexico (actually Oahu, Hawaii) with chicks attending his every need, loving life at the worst of times. What an inspiration, what a dream.
Those girls will definitely need to be looked at in the future (hint: Vinnie’s Girls).

In the mean time, his big bro Johnny Drama is back at his cringe-worthy best, posing for a Five Towns shoot with his ‘best side’, while trying to have a long distance relationship with his love from Cannes – Jacqueline. And how can we forget our Ari Gold, ’twas a refreshing sight indeed, as he rampaged through his office, shouting obscenities and commanding his loyal employees while trying to get Vinnie another job.

This has just whet the appetite. What a season it will be.



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Unofficial Entourage Season 5 Teaser

This has been popping in and around town lately..

A must post. Wishing it wasn’t a sketchy release though. Enjoy it before HBO releases theirs! ..no sign of the Dom!


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Entourage Season 3 Two-Part Refresher.

Ramping up the countdown to Season 5, the HBO Youtube Channel just released a 2 Part look back at Season 3.
Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 3A

Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 3B

I don’t know about you guys, but the 2nd part cuts out around 1:11 mins. Wierd.

This series is quite refreshing, and a good look back at what happened. But I think we’re all waiting for some Season 5 Teasers without Dom … aren’t we?

Which makes for an interesting thought, if you had to choose someone from another one of HBO’s series, current or classic, who would you pick to join the Entourage?

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Everybody hates Entourage

Another rather intriguing article by Chuck Klosterman for The Guardian (UK).

chuck-klosterman_entourage.png When you start to read this article you think “Oh another one of the haters”, but after a few lines you begin to feel for the poor guy.. he absolutely loves Entourage and doesn’t know why.
Entourage is definitely entertainment. Entourage is definitely a TV show. OK it doesn’t have the insightful philosophical script that other ‘shows’ have, it is comedy with a touch of drama (pun intended!).

It is meant to make you laugh, smile and just relax with a few beers and friends on the side. Your attention span is not needed 100% of the time, pay attention to the boobs, to the frustrations of Ari Gold, to the trials and tribulations of Eric ‘E’ Murphy, and occasionally look at what Vinnie is up to, those are the only prerequisites here buddy. It is only a 22 minute show. A perfect lunchtime special.

Chuck Klosterman is no average joe when it comes to TV shows. But we still think he feels guilty for loving Entourage 🙂


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