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Viking Quest Game : Out Now!

In the spirit of being an Entourage Fan, it is now your time to play the Viking Quest Game.

As you trudge through the site, you get to see how much effort they put in making the site. You can almost buy the Viking Quest DVD until you read this:

If Viking Quest was real, this is what the DVD would look like. Alas, Viking Quest is only a real show in the imaginations of Entourage® fans the world over.

I love it! What entertainment. It seems that Entourage-fever is up, and with less than a week to the Season 5 premiere, HBO is gearing up for a big season. And I think Drama might be an even bigger player this time!

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Entourage: The Movie in theaters 2010/11?

With the success of Sex And The City Movie, and Mark Wahlberg talking about a possible Entourage movie or TWO?!, I have no doubt that there will be an Entourage movie out in the next couple of years.


It sounds fun,but we need to look at the Sex and the City series. It hasn’t had anything new since early 2004, and the movie rumor has been around for that long. A recipe for success.

Now to make a movie while Entourage was showing, would be a risk. But if they combined one of the movie releases with the actual plot (a la Medillin, the Pablo Escobar movie) of one of Vincents movies, now that would be cool.


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