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Episode 3 “The All Out Fall Out” Review

The All Out Fall Out, sounds like a metal album. And this episode certainly was all that. Ari with his Ferrari, and an all out war with his enemy, Adam Davies.

This episode really showed us the Ari of old. Adam Davies had him on the ropes, and Ari returned with a counter, and missed, but the class of the man showed in the end. And damn, his wife was pleasing to the eye. Hopefully we see more from her.

While that happened, Vince still left without a job, speaks with Shauna Roberts his publicist. Getting desperate with his dwindling moolah, it was time for Vince to make an appearance or two, and Shauna was there to help. At a sweet 16 to be exact. That was just hilarious, especially after Drama hits it with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

While Eric seems to be making inroads with his writing team (A script taking the interest of Mr. Edward Norton, Cameo coming up?!), it just doesn’t seem right to have Vinnie just laying around here and there. You can almost feel the tension building between E and Vince. Could this be the tension that drives them back to their roots in Queens. And maybe a get together with Dom? Argh!

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Episode 3 Preview : Ari and his Ferrari

Seems like Ari might be getting his cashola after all. Or maybe it was courtesy of his wife? (see: hbo.com)

In somewhat of a preview check out Ari racing is arch-nemesis Adam Davies in Episode 3, Season 5:

It will be nice to see Ari’s Hot Wife back in action. And did I see Vince’s publicist – Shauna Roberts, back in action?

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