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Episode 1 “Fantasy Island” Review

Wow! All the elements were there. What an entertaining half-hour.

Even though we were all expecting the disappointment of Medellin, we learn that during the off-season, Vince has been without an offer for 6 months. How devastating it would’ve been for our Vinnie.

But then we revisit Vincent Chases’ suave laid-back lifestyle, this time on a beach in Mexico (actually Oahu, Hawaii) with chicks attending his every need, loving life at the worst of times. What an inspiration, what a dream.
Those girls will definitely need to be looked at in the future (hint: Vinnie’s Girls).

In the mean time, his big bro Johnny Drama is back at his cringe-worthy best, posing for a Five Towns shoot with his ‘best side’, while trying to have a long distance relationship with his love from Cannes – Jacqueline. And how can we forget our Ari Gold, ’twas a refreshing sight indeed, as he rampaged through his office, shouting obscenities and commanding his loyal employees while trying to get Vinnie another job.

This has just whet the appetite. What a season it will be.



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Five Towns Trailer

This short film has been chosen by HBO “from among thousands” apparently, as the trailer for Johnny Drama’s Five Towns fictional TV series.

Put your hands together for a job well done. We love it. And we want more!
If there was a comp, dang it! We missed out, but if there wasn’t, c’mon HBO continue with that community spirit of yours, and make a comp!

In other news, Entourage has been seen shooting in Queens over the last few days. Could this be the boys revisiting their past in Season 5? Or maybe visiting Dom in rehab?

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