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Episode 5 “Tree Trippers” Review

Tree Trippers is right. The most stunning cinematography you will see in Entourage. Mostly shot at Joshua Tree National Park, this episode culminated in the boys having some ‘time-out’. Using this trip, Vincent Chase tries to gather his thoughts to make the right call on whether to do a Benji movie or try and push for Smokejumpers.

Ari‘s little trippin’ out was the funniest. Seeing Ari lose control like this, has to be one of the best moments of the series. While Lloyd under the usual barrage of abuse, reacts superbly, hosting a gay party at Ari’s house, giving Ari a big “F*ck you!” for once. Although Mrs. Gold wasn’t pleased.

If you have ever watched the Sopranos – this episode seemed like it would take the route of Season 6 Episode 2 : Join the Club. One of those weird nonsensical drugged-out hallucinogenic dreams. But it wasn’t, in fact it was more akin to Six Feet Under Season 1 Episode 9 : Life’s Too Short when the 60+ year old mother gets high on ecstasy. It gave a real sense of brotherhood between the guys. And a pleasant break from the Hollywood lifestyle. The dialogue while they were trippin’ was most memorable, this really was Doug Ellin (or was it Ally Musika?) at his best, and definitely worth re-watching.

This episode posed several questions of what the future could hold for the boys -Will Turtle actually get a job? Will Vinnie star in Smokejumpers?
Exciting times ahead…and we’re almost halfway through.


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Entourage back in June?!

Thanks to YouTube and HollyScoop, check out the recent interview with Rex Lee (Lloyd, Ari’s PA) and make up your own mind. But since he states that filming is supposed to start in February and Season 5 to premiere in June then I would like to  elude to that fact that it already has started filming (if not, then in the next few days) so don’t be surprised if its back in June as the sources state. I think this is kind of good news!

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Lloyd’s Little Black Dress

We just got word of the following:

We wanted to let you know that Rex Lee’s Little Black Dress and other celebrity items are currently
up for auction to raise money for children’s charities. Check out
http://www.clothesoffourback.org to bid on the clothes through March 13.

Now imagine yourself in Ari Golds’ Secretaries Little Black Dress! 🙂 It is for a great cause so if you are a fan with a little bit of moolah then bid bid bid!

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Alpha-Male Ari & Lovable Lloyd

Lloyd – A gay secretary. Now how could we have ever known that our Ari would end up with a gay secretary?! Not there is anything wrong with that, but our Ari is the Alpha-Male, the Mucho-man, and the quick-witted brutally honest almost Anti-Semitic Homophobic Jew. Dramedy at its best.

We all love Lloyd, and so does Ari. Here is the infamous ‘Brokeback Entourage’ – A collection of Ari & Lloyd moments that will brighten your day:

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