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Sneak peak at Season 5 Episode 1

Maureen Ryan, a Chicago Tribune Reviewer has just recently released a minute of the first episode of Season 5. Sit back and enjoy:

Interesting to note the director Mark Mylod, he seems to be the director commissioned for Season 5. Mark was the man in charge for most of Season 4, and his debut was in the episode ‘Strange Days’ in Season 3.

And whilst you’re here, take a quick look at the wonderfully designed Entourage Season 5 Comic Book Style Promo – a visual delight by http://www.enginedesign.tv.

Also for further spoilers check out Wikipedia’s Season 5 Episode Guide, where they reveal some basic plot outlines.

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Entourage on iTunes

You haven’t heard?

Well, here’s some links:

Has anyone had a chance to look at the episodes available? Anything additional stuff to the box sets that we have? Hmm I guess not…
The Apple and HBO marketing machine has pulled into fifth gear…..September couldn’t be a couple of weeks away? could it?!!?

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