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Entourage Season 5 Premiere

Set your Betamax’s, VCRs, TiVos and whatever alarm you got! Because come September you will be sitting down and enjoying the Fifth Season of Entourage.

BuddyTV and Zap2it both seem to mention what we already know, September being the month it will premiere, but they also add that it will be on the 7th.

Now I would usually be skeptical about this kind of report, and I definitely wouldn’t bet on the dates, but thanks to the last few months of entourage-less tv, we have all been salivating over some kind of news on Season 5, f*ck the refreshers and reviews of the past seasons (although great if you’re a newcomer).
C’mon HBO, we all want some real meat!
….and remember what we said about Dom. (although you were awesome in ‘The Wire‘ Mr. Lombardozzi)

UPDATE: Check Out HBO.com/Entourage for the times in your state – so far set your recorders to 10pm! – 27/08/08


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HBO on iTunes, but no Entourage?

The news spread around, we all got excited, especially as an iPhone/iTunes user myself, but at this point in time, no Entourage on iTunes yet. Although the release of the entire series is inevitable.

Entourage on iTunes coming soon to your media centric device!

Yet it was a surprise that it’s still not on Apple’s shelf.
My only guess is that everyone is waiting for Entourage to be released so it is a draw card for HBO. And as reported there won’t be a new series till September, so it gives them a few months to slowly release the series in to the wild.

Exciting stuff anyhow, in this slow news realm of Entourage.
I’m sure our pals over at The Wire F*cking Fan Club will be ecstatic.

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Download your Entourage

HBO, coolest network on the planet, know brings HBO on Broadband! Our favorite network – HBO, is launching a new service called ‘HBO on Broadband’ on Tuesday in Milwaukee and Green Bay in the US of A. You’ll be able to watch Entourage (and maybe ‘The Wire‘ 😉 ) when you feel like it (…also called ‘torrents’?).

At this point you won’t be able to squish them on you ‘pod but rumors suggest that might change quickly. It is quite interesting to note the following:

(HBO Exec’s) main fear was that viewers watching HBO programmes on the internet might decide to cancel their cable service. To avoid that, they will offer HBO on Broadband only to customers who contract to use their high-speed internet service from a cable operator.

Read more here

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Final Season of ‘The Wire’

Final Season of ‘The Wire’ -what does this hold for Entourage?

HBO has just sent out a newsletter announcing the final season of ‘The Wire’ on January 6th. If this has any bearing on the ‘Entourage’ who knows? But it surely means my pal at The Wire F*cking Fan Club will have to become a nice retrospective kind of blog 😛

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Part #2 : Let’s get ready to rumble! Ari Gold in one corner, F*cking McNulty in the other.

Just in case some of you aren’t regular Entourage viewers, have a look at the scene in my previous post and you’ll see a snapshot of the Wittiest of Wits, a guy with the biggest balls in the business, and most of a REAL honest bloke that speaks his mind. That is your introduction to Mister Ari Gold.

Now I still haven’t had the chance to look at The Wire (sorry McNulty F*cking Fan Club.. I will soon..promise) but from my first impression, Mr. McNulty seems like the type of guy who likes to soak things up and generally contemplate his next move. He does seem like a smooth sailor, very suave in his ways and ready to pounce.

This all makes it a very tough battle. Quick Wit Vs. Calmingly Calculated.

I would like to make a call to the little McNulty Fan base and let me know what else I’m missing. Maybe there are some of you out there that have watched both series? What are these characters’ similarities?

All I know is that Ari Gold definitely has some kind of Tony Soprano demon in him. He is Tony minus the violence.

As previously promised (but never delivered) I will do as I said over the next few weeks:

“I will subject myself to the first 4 seasons of The Wire within the next few weeks, and will simultaneously enjoy the rest of season 3 Entourage.”

And now I get to enjoy Season 4 of Entourage too!

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Temporarily Suspended. Be back in Nov.

Unfortunately at this point in time I will have to suspend my duties as I am on a worldly adventure across the globe until November. By that time there might be a few more seasons of each series so I should have a lot of stuff to write about but till then I’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

Till then let’s hug it out bitches!!!!

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Part #1 : Let’s get ready to rumble! Ari Gold in one corner, F*cking McNulty in the other.

OK, here it is. My answer or rather rebut to my friends little McNulty F*cking Fan Club.

I have watched 2 and half seasons of the Entourage and only half an episode of The Wire.

Being an open-minded blogger, I will subject myself to the first 4 seasons of The Wire within the next few weeks, and will simultaneously enjoy the rest of season 3 Entourage. The series has now become such an integral part of my TV diet, and who knows, maybe The Wire will too – well it will have to be to continue this blog…

This series encapsulates many elements that entertain, and one thing is for certain, I am an Entourage Fan.

Check out Part 2 in the next few days and enjoy side-by-side profile/comparison/battle of McNulty-after-Episode-1′ Vs. Gold »


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