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Five Towns Trailer

This short film has been chosen by HBO “from among thousands” apparently, as the trailer for Johnny Drama’s Five Towns fictional TV series.

Put your hands together for a job well done. We love it. And we want more!
If there was a comp, dang it! We missed out, but if there wasn’t, c’mon HBO continue with that community spirit of yours, and make a comp!

In other news, Entourage has been seen shooting in Queens over the last few days. Could this be the boys revisiting their past in Season 5? Or maybe visiting Dom in rehab?

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HBO on iTunes, but no Entourage?

The news spread around, we all got excited, especially as an iPhone/iTunes user myself, but at this point in time, no Entourage on iTunes yet. Although the release of the entire series is inevitable.

Entourage on iTunes coming soon to your media centric device!

Yet it was a surprise that it’s still not on Apple’s shelf.
My only guess is that everyone is waiting for Entourage to be released so it is a draw card for HBO. And as reported there won’t be a new series till September, so it gives them a few months to slowly release the series in to the wild.

Exciting stuff anyhow, in this slow news realm of Entourage.
I’m sure our pals over at The Wire F*cking Fan Club will be ecstatic.

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Entourage back in June?!

Thanks to YouTube and HollyScoop, check out the recent interview with Rex Lee (Lloyd, Ari’s PA) and make up your own mind. But since he states that filming is supposed to start in February and Season 5 to premiere in June then I would like to  elude to that fact that it already has started filming (if not, then in the next few days) so don’t be surprised if its back in June as the sources state. I think this is kind of good news!

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Where do you get your dose of Entourage?

After a retrospective look at an article titled ‘Entourage’ may be the next big thing for HBO, I was intrigued in the comment that Doug Ellin made:

“I still think most people watch that show (The Sopranos) by themselves. I think people gather to watch our show. They watch at parties. They also steal it. They get it online.”

New York Times Article: Generating Buzz in All the Right Places, ‘Entourage’ Fills a Gap for HBO.
August 28, 2006

Doug Ellin - Creator of Entourage

Personally, I get my dosage from my paid-for-subscription of HBO, but I know a lot of friends who download the episodes off the net (downloading using software called ‘torrents’ i think…is that what Doug means by stealing?) as they don’t have access to HBO.

How do you get yours? And is it easy if you can’t get them by A. Watching HBO or B. Buying the DVD sets?

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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number One

We all know Vinnie Chase is a ladies man, and with all those ladies passing our glinting eyes and open jaws, I have decided to focus on a select few. Today with the help of an Australian source I was able to find out that in Season 4 Episode 7 “The Day Fuckers” there was a blonde beauty that featured in Vincents life for a few hours or so, by the name of Sophie Monk.

Enjoy the view and try and read the facts:

Model #01
  • Born on December 14, 1979. From the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Pop Star, Songwriter, Actress & Model featuring in this years Scary Movie 5 
  • Sorry guys, she’s engaged to Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte
  • See more @ sophiemonk.net
  • As seen in The Day F*ckers
    (Warning: Sex Scene)


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Final Season of ‘The Wire’

Final Season of ‘The Wire’ -what does this hold for Entourage?

HBO has just sent out a newsletter announcing the final season of ‘The Wire’ on January 6th. If this has any bearing on the ‘Entourage’ who knows? But it surely means my pal at The Wire F*cking Fan Club will have to become a nice retrospective kind of blog 😛

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Au revoir Entourage?!

Rumours have been flying around courtesy of the current writers’ strike and we managed to catch wind of an official statement from a source by the name of  OK! Magazine, our pal Adrian Grenier a.k.a Vinnie Chase has apparently stated the following:

“Honestly, the scariest potential surprise is that there may not be a show next year…”


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