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Vinnie’s Girls : Number Five

Time to return to the all important series – ‘Vinnie’s Girls‘. Number Five – in no particular order by the way, is Justine Chapin, played by Leighton Meesters. Her character is modeled after Britney Spears, although I’d have to say this 22-year old is way sexier. She oozes sophistication and sex appeal.
Her recent appearance in a duet featuring Tony Bennett, is an interesting storyline, and there are definitely good prospects for her and Vinnie to be together on more than one occasion…

  • Born on April 9, 1986 (1986-04-09) (age 22) in Marco Island, Florida
  • She’s the star of Gossip girls, and recently guest starred in CSI: Miami.
  • She appeared in Season 1 Episode 2 “The Review” , Episode 4 “Date Night” and most recently Season 5 Episode 2Unlike a Virgin


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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Four

And Vinnie’s Girls are back with a bang! Cameron Richardson appeared in Season 3 Episode 7 and 14. A stunning bird in her own right, she is part of Vinnie’s Girls Crew as Lindsay. The beauty is awe-inspiring. But let’s not dwell on the details (although her specs are below)…

  • Born on September 11, 1979
  • Height: 173cm
  • From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, just down the road from another blonde
  • Ranked #52 on the Maxim “Hot 100 of 2005” list.
  • See more @ AskMen.com
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, Episode 36 and ‘Strange Days’, Episode 29 of Season 3
  • Check out this Beautiful Woman at Daily Motion for her ‘Rise Blood Hunter’ scene (Warning: NSFW)

She has always been one of my personal favorites, and would love to see more of her. Let’s hope she’ll be back for more.


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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Three

Time to feature one of our favorites in this series – Mandy Moore. Mandy has one hot booty, but very sophisticated and too mind-numbing for our Vinnie. I still think Vinnie preferred Sophie Monk. I guess the producers decided on that one?!

To give something back to Mandy, she did have a closer relationship with our Vincent, although lust was most definitely involved.

Mandy Moore, Vinnie\'s 3rd Choice?!
  • Born on April 10, 1984. From New Hampshire, USA.
  • American pop singer, songwriter, model, and actress. An All-Rounder.
  • A Glass-half-full kind of person.
  • See more @ Mandy Moore.com
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘Oh Mandy!’ – S02E08 or Episode 16

Mandy definitely ticks the boxes to be part of the Vinnie’s Girls entourage. Would be nice to see her back again in an episode or two.

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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number Two

It has been a while.
Melyssa Ford, our number two. In the second last episode of season 4 she appeared in Kanye West’s plane as a Flight Attendant. I know I know, she didn’t appear to be “with” Vinnie… but I’m pretty sure she was servicing him after the scene changed.

Enough said…Let’s all admire her fast facts:

The beautiful Melyssa Ford in Entourage
  • Born on November 7, 1976. From Toronto, Canada.
  • Model & Actress featured in ‘Big Pimpin’ Video Clip by Jay-Z
  • Measurements: 34C”-22″-36″
  • See more @ Girls of Maxim
  • See her in Entourage Episode ‘No Cannes Do’

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Vinnie’s Girls : Model Number One

We all know Vinnie Chase is a ladies man, and with all those ladies passing our glinting eyes and open jaws, I have decided to focus on a select few. Today with the help of an Australian source I was able to find out that in Season 4 Episode 7 “The Day Fuckers” there was a blonde beauty that featured in Vincents life for a few hours or so, by the name of Sophie Monk.

Enjoy the view and try and read the facts:

Model #01
  • Born on December 14, 1979. From the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Pop Star, Songwriter, Actress & Model featuring in this years Scary Movie 5 
  • Sorry guys, she’s engaged to Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte
  • See more @ sophiemonk.net
  • As seen in The Day F*ckers
    (Warning: Sex Scene)


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