Episode 12 “Return to Queens Blvd” Review.

Boy was I wrong about this Season’s Finale. The Return To Queens Blvd, has to be the best episode of the season, and one of my favorites of the entire series.
Return to Queens Boulevard
The boys were back on vacation, much like how the season started. It was nice to see them in their natural habitat – Queens, NY, and seeing their families was a laugh. Generally it seemed like there was a relaxed vibe, although there was a a bit of tension about Vincent’s unemployment, especially when his mom mentions that Gus Van Sant had an opening for a role in a movie Vince got barred on.

Michael Phelps was just one of the many excellent little cameos and general comedic cameos and plot lines that feature in the series. These are but one of the many reasons why we watch and love Entourage. Drama buying up the local bar was another bit, just f**kin’ hilarious!.
The boys will be back next year!
But Ari Gold coming to the rescue, and organising the Martin Scorsese film for Vinnie, with the help of Lloyd (and ofcourse the one who got Marty’s attention – Mr. Eric ‘E’ Murphy), now that made my heart flutter. Absolutely beautiful!

And to top it all off, one of the quotes of the series, when Ari compliments E’s ability as Vince’s Manager:

For once in his life the little McNugget delivered.

This episode is a must see, and bode’s well for Vincent Chase’s future, it will be interesting to see if Season 6 includes the making of Martin Scorsese’s Great Gatsby, or will that happen during the break?

What a season, thank you HBO for making my site the featured fan, and for all you fellow fans for visiting my site. Keep checking back, for some odd news bits here and there. And maybe you’ll see an overhauled site soon! THANKS!


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20 responses to “Episode 12 “Return to Queens Blvd” Review.

  1. E Agosto

    For a minute, I thought we’d see E and Vinnie’s careers diverge. Would be ironic to see E’s management career overshadow Vinnie’s for a half-season or so.

  2. I was glad to see Vince get angry! (and breakin E’s phone) Finally he showed that he really did care about his career!

  3. The BEST episode of the 5th season and quite possibly THE best Entourage episode to date.

    Brilliant on so many levels. Taking the boys back to Queens was a stroke of genius … getting knocked back by GVS, Vince getting angry and losing his cool for the first time, Turtle going from strength to strength, Drama buying a bar and then the coup de grace to end Vince’s slump … Martin Scorsese. It even featured a classic Ari line. You just had to have Ari with them in NYC at some point.

    The writers are really on top of their game. They killed it. Pure and simple.

    Go Vince!

    P.S. Great blog. Really enjoyed it. Good luck with the refresh.

  4. Bart

    What was the song at the end of the episode last night?

  5. hilary

    what a Great finale to a Great season. definitely teared up a bit at the end there. definitely did not see Martin Scorscese coming but from watching Ari and Lloyd’s excited faces you’d know something HUGE was coming up. and Vince breaking E’s phone. i love how E continues to use his cracked blackberry, just duck taped the thing. Ha.

  6. Tedman

    Good final episode. I was really starting to worry for Vinny and the boys, but this is a good way to end the season. Question for whoever can answer it: Is Drama still employed by the show Five Towns or not? Last I saw he walked off the set, and they haven’t mentioned anything at all.

  7. Honestly, I liked the last episode but I thought it was too much for too little time, hence it wasn’t one of my favourites..but still great.
    I think Great Gatsby will be done during the break but what will come up in Season 6? I guess the focus will shift away a bit more from Vin and we will get a bit more into Turtle, Ari, E and Drama and their life. Bold prediction: Vince will get an Oscar nomination in Season 6 or 7 for his role in the Great Gatsby and the Ramones movie will be done.

  8. I just wanted to say the Michael Phelps cameo was f*ckin’ awesome. I had to stop, rewind and say “Wait… was that who I think it was?”

    I was worried that the show would run out of steam in season 5 as Curb your Enthusiasm was starting to. But looks like Larry Charles and crew continues to show why they are paid by the big boys.

  9. @Bart

    End Credits
    Song: Can You Get To That
    Artist: Funkadelic

  10. jp

    y isn’t the episode on demand!!

  11. @Mahdi, I know what you mean about the way the writers tied up so many loose ends in the last episode. There was a danger it could have felt contrived by stuffing so many events into one episode. But I think they pulled it off though. I guess that’s the nature of the movie business. An actor can tred water for a long time, not getting anyway, and then all of a sudden ‘wham’ it all takes off.

  12. Snake

    what’s the first songs name? song starts when they get into the cab…

  13. alex

    fuck – all ive got to say is – when is season 6 coming out!

  14. jp

    Snake, the song is “The Pusher” by steppenwolf

  15. The Know

    Has anyone else noticed that the only career decisions that Vince has made that led to the unraveling of his career have been opposite of what E has suggested he do? Ari is in the same boat with Vince on that too. E told Vinny to fire Walsh from Medellin and told them not to release it to Cannes. They did. He told him to meet with Warners and he never showed up to breakfast. He tried to make Ari treat Bob better when pitching The Ramones. E is the smartest character of them all. Smarter than Ari. He found Queens, Medellin, Smoke Jumpers and launch Bow Wow’s character’s career. I think E will blow up in season 6 and 7 and eventually become an agent under Ari. Boom!!!

  16. Kian

    Man I cant wait for season 6 to start! Does anybody know when that is, sep/oct-2009 maybe!!??

    I got scared for a while there about Vince but they fixed it and saved THE BEST FOR LAST! Martin Scorsese!!! 😀

    I´m pretty sure The Great Gatsby will happen during the break and will be a success for Vince.
    And we will see more sexy girls, adventure and much more comedy for season 6 😉

    cant wait…

  17. In case you are interested, am putting together a site with all the music used in Entourage. Check it out if you have time.


  18. metRo_

    I need more ENTOURAGE to live…. ;(
    A message from Portugal 🙂

  19. wehungthedj

    If anyone cares, Adrian Grenier’s band is genuinely good and we took some Photos at their Philadelphia show.


    Check it.

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