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Entourage on iTunes

You haven’t heard?

Well, here’s some links:

Has anyone had a chance to look at the episodes available? Anything additional stuff to the box sets that we have? Hmm I guess not…
The Apple and HBO marketing machine has pulled into fifth gear…..September couldn’t be a couple of weeks away? could it?!!?

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Entourage Season 5 Countdown Continues

About a month ago we saw Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 1, a highlight reel of the Best Of Season 1 and HBO has just released Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 2, featuring the Best of Season 2 in just under 3 minutes.
Now using our own genius, we can safely say that around September we will definitely be seeing the new season! In July we should get a lovely highlights reel of Season 3, and August of Season 4, how wonderful!

I suggest you see it before HBO rubs it out, just like they did with the previous vid.
This is entertainment plus.

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