The Entourage Season 1 & 2 Box Set

This is a blog dedicated to Entourage and the great Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven.

Entourage may be critically acclaimed, have memorable characters, and non-linear plots, but does it do it for you? If you are asking yourself that question, you obviously haven’t watched.

If you haven’t, grab a few mates, a few beers, skim past The Wire Box Set at your local DVD outlet and hit yourself with the first 2 seasons of the Entourage.

Inserting a fantastic quote from a great review would be the ideal accompaniment to most fan sites/blogs but you can always find bad reviews that would be seen in a positive light by others. So I leave you with this quote, that you can use at your discretion to start watching the series, or bitch-slap me in the comments:

Entourage is a once a week, summertime advertisement for a lifestyle that you’re not living. Three guys in their 20s are soaking up the Southern California good life, thanks to the looks and charm of their buddy Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), an up and coming movie star.

David Swerdlick from PopMatters.com, 14 July 2005

Entourage F*ckin’ Fan Club site is in no way affiliated with HBO or any of her subsidiaries including the hit show Entourage or any of the characters from the show Entourage.

18 responses to “About

  1. Ari

    Hey, if your really like Entourage, then you’ll love this site jammed full of Entourage Gear!


  2. Hello,

    We wanted to let you know that “Entourage” star, Rex Lee’s autographed wallet and platinum cuff along with other celebrity items are currently up for auction to raise money for children’s charities. Check out http://www.clothesoffourback.org to bid on the clothes through October 10 and 11.

    Thank you,
    Clothes Off Our Back

  3. Sharon Esakoff

    Um, I have to confess, I have not seen the show, but I was a fan of Rex Lee in the 5th grade. We would have marathon backgammon games together.

    I didn’t know he was a “star” these days, but it doesn’t suprise me either. I just wanted to give him a “shout out”. But I guess it’s impossible these days, him being a celeb and all. No worries. I’m glad he’s successfull!!

    Rex, I always knew, you had it in you!
    Shari (aka. Sharon) From RSG Elementary.(Mr. Wong’s class)

  4. rex

    sharon- how the hell are you? i heard that mr. wong died- i hope that isn’t true… how is your sister? do you still ride horses? how the hell are you?

  5. Hello,

    We wanted to let you know that Rex Lee’s Little Black Dress and other celebrity items are currently
    up for auction to raise money for children’s charities. Check out
    http://www.clothesoffourback.org to bid on the clothes through March 13.

    Thank you,

    Clothes Off Our Back

  6. Here’s a picture of Rex Lee with Norton AntiVirus at the Oscars Gifting Suite.

    Rex Lee of "Entourage"

  7. This video shows Jeremy Piven, Doug Ellin (the creator) and Rob Weiss (Executive Producer) at an event working on a script of the show. Cool to see them all together like that!

  8. kim


    I thought you might enjoy BuddyTV’s most recent Personality Quiz called, “Which Entourage Character Are You?” I just played it and found out I was Vince!

    You can check it out for yourself here: http://www.buddytv.com/closedquiz/closed-quiz.aspx?quiz=1000076

    Feel free to post and share the quiz with your fans if you think they might also enjoy!


  9. Hi ,

    Just wanted to let everyone know about a Jeremy Piven charity auction, including a meet and greet!

    Anyone can bid on the chance to spend some time with Jeremy and see him play live with Andy Vargas from Santana!

    The auction started yesterday and it’s in support of a great cause, Safety Harbor Kids, which provides support, guidance, love and education through community events and activities for serves more than 900 parentless, homeless and disadvantaged children primarily from local foster care homes and homeless shelters in Los Angeles County.

    You can view the auction at http://www.auctionwire.com

    Great job Jeremy!

  10. Mr G

    Hey Guys

    Does anyone know if Entourage will be release on BluRay?

  11. Mona

    Just started watching Entourage! I love the show! Great Cast! Great Script! I love Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee!! Good Job Guys!!

  12. Emile Viaud

    Ari Gold spazzes out like the tazmanian devil on cocaine speed and pepsi..ALL @ one time! HE IS TRULY ONE OF MY ALLLLLL TIME FAVORITE SCREEN CHARACTERS!BRILLIANT EDUCATED MIND WITH THE SWIFTEST STREET CONSTRUCTION WORKER PORN KING MENTALITY!!!! I live for this guy to make me laugh!HE IS AN HR Executives worst nightmare come to life! I have been watching Entourage since the 1st episode.When this HBO Classic goes off the air..be sure I WILL Buy the entire box set.purest classic there is.It is hard to believe this guy is really fashioned from a real person….if you don’t know it’s Ari Emmanuel. RAHM Emannuel..Pres. obama’s chief of staff’s real brother Ari. who runs Endeavor Talent Agency in Hollywood.jeeezuuss! could you imagine?

  13. Christian Sanderson

    Good Piven interview


  14. Graziano146

    Hi, Does anyone know what paintball marker Ari is using during the season 6 finale? It seems childfriendly enough to keep my boyz under control and obviously cannot be found anywhere in the Netherlands. Any info for brand/website is welcome, Thanx!

  15. kayla

    I love entourage and the music on the show is perfect. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find a complete list of the music. The “official” CD barely touches at the greatness of the music on this show- it doesn’t even include the title song. Anyways help is greatly appreciated!

  16. Hi Entourage Fans,

    You can now watch your favorite episodes of Entourage on Comcast’s On Demand. Season 6 catch-up is now available. Anyone who missed episodes or forgot to record them can watch them anytime.


  17. #1 I would love to exchange links

    #2, my site tracks songs used on TV shows, commercials, movies, etc…this includes Entourage. check it out at http://www.whatisthatsong.net

  18. My name is Jackie and I work with TV Fanatic. We just posted up an exclusive interview with Constance Zimmer, who plays Dana Gordon in Entourage, and will be one of the main characters on NBC’s Love Bites.


    We encourage you to share our insight with your viewers; we only ask that you credit it and link it back to TVFanatic.com.

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