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Entourage Remixed

HBO.com has released three brand new Youtube clips of Ari Gold, Drama and Turtle. Remixing the last four seasons into a nice little package. Check out Ari Gold’s Remix:
They’re quite entertaining, and a nice rehash of the previous seasons. A great intro for those who aren’t fans yet, especially Ari’s one.


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Vinnie’s Girls : Number Five

Time to return to the all important series – ‘Vinnie’s Girls‘. Number Five – in no particular order by the way, is Justine Chapin, played by Leighton Meesters. Her character is modeled after Britney Spears, although I’d have to say this 22-year old is way sexier. She oozes sophistication and sex appeal.
Her recent appearance in a duet featuring Tony Bennett, is an interesting storyline, and there are definitely good prospects for her and Vinnie to be together on more than one occasion…

  • Born on April 9, 1986 (1986-04-09) (age 22) in Marco Island, Florida
  • She’s the star of Gossip girls, and recently guest starred in CSI: Miami.
  • She appeared in Season 1 Episode 2 “The Review” , Episode 4 “Date Night” and most recently Season 5 Episode 2Unlike a Virgin


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Episode 3 Preview : Ari and his Ferrari

Seems like Ari might be getting his cashola after all. Or maybe it was courtesy of his wife? (see: hbo.com)

In somewhat of a preview check out Ari racing is arch-nemesis Adam Davies in Episode 3, Season 5:

It will be nice to see Ari’s Hot Wife back in action. And did I see Vince’s publicist – Shauna Roberts, back in action?

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Entourage Season 5 Countdown Continues

About a month ago we saw Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 1, a highlight reel of the Best Of Season 1 and HBO has just released Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 2, featuring the Best of Season 2 in just under 3 minutes.
Now using our own genius, we can safely say that around September we will definitely be seeing the new season! In July we should get a lovely highlights reel of Season 3, and August of Season 4, how wonderful!

I suggest you see it before HBO rubs it out, just like they did with the previous vid.
This is entertainment plus.

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HBO’s hinting countdown to Season 5?

HBO just released a new video on their Youtube Channel entitled Hollywood Minutes 1, with it’s description:

A look back on the first season of HBO’s hit original series.

A source has told us here at the Entourage F*cking Fan Club that you should expect more to come during the next few weeks, and possibly a teaser/trailer of the new series soon. Till then check out the new video and subscribe to the HBO Youtube Channel!

Update 20.06.08: Unfortunately they have pulled the video, BUT the good news is they put another one up see Entourage Countdown Continues.

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Entourage with Ari Gold: The Most Overrated TV Show

A biased opinion maybe, but we are the fans that truly adore Ari and Entourage. So read this article, get passionate and voice your opinion! Here is an excerpt:

..“Entourage” gets the nod as the most overrated of the two series due to its creators misuse of Ari Gold…(StarPulse.com)

Misuse of Ari Gold?
This Youtube video of Ari Gold’s finest moment (Season 3, Episode 15) will do the trick:

Also, just a little gripe about WordPress and its inability to show multiple custom-sized youtube videos. Read here. You have to pay for an upgrade to custom-size FREE youtube videos in a FREE blog? C’mon Automattic.

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Entourage back in June?!

Thanks to YouTube and HollyScoop, check out the recent interview with Rex Lee (Lloyd, Ari’s PA) and make up your own mind. But since he states that filming is supposed to start in February and Season 5 to premiere in June then I would like to  elude to that fact that it already has started filming (if not, then in the next few days) so don’t be surprised if its back in June as the sources state. I think this is kind of good news!

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