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Entourage Season 3 Two-Part Refresher.

Ramping up the countdown to Season 5, the HBO Youtube Channel just released a 2 Part look back at Season 3.
Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 3A

Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 3B

I don’t know about you guys, but the 2nd part cuts out around 1:11 mins. Wierd.

This series is quite refreshing, and a good look back at what happened. But I think we’re all waiting for some Season 5 Teasers without Dom … aren’t we?

Which makes for an interesting thought, if you had to choose someone from another one of HBO’s series, current or classic, who would you pick to join the Entourage?

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Entourage Season 5 Countdown Continues

About a month ago we saw Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 1, a highlight reel of the Best Of Season 1 and HBO has just released Entourage: Hollywood Minutes 2, featuring the Best of Season 2 in just under 3 minutes.
Now using our own genius, we can safely say that around September we will definitely be seeing the new season! In July we should get a lovely highlights reel of Season 3, and August of Season 4, how wonderful!

I suggest you see it before HBO rubs it out, just like they did with the previous vid.
This is entertainment plus.

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HBO’s hinting countdown to Season 5?

HBO just released a new video on their Youtube Channel entitled Hollywood Minutes 1, with it’s description:

A look back on the first season of HBO’s hit original series.

A source has told us here at the Entourage F*cking Fan Club that you should expect more to come during the next few weeks, and possibly a teaser/trailer of the new series soon. Till then check out the new video and subscribe to the HBO Youtube Channel!

Update 20.06.08: Unfortunately they have pulled the video, BUT the good news is they put another one up see Entourage Countdown Continues.

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Get your Entourage fix with YouTube

Unfortunately since there hasn’t been any news on the return of our favorite series, we’ll have to do with the new HBO YouTube Channel.

Ari Gold features in one of the first videos with ‘Words of Wisdom’, wonderfully edited! Check it out:

There are a couple of others including the super-realistic Medillin Trailer and Price of Fame. Let’s hope there will be some previews for the new season soon! (Make sure you subscribe to the HBO Channel!)

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