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Entourage Remixed has released three brand new Youtube clips of Ari Gold, Drama and Turtle. Remixing the last four seasons into a nice little package. Check out Ari Gold’s Remix:
They’re quite entertaining, and a nice rehash of the previous seasons. A great intro for those who aren’t fans yet, especially Ari’s one.


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Vinnie’s Girls : Number Five

Time to return to the all important series – ‘Vinnie’s Girls‘. Number Five – in no particular order by the way, is Justine Chapin, played by Leighton Meesters. Her character is modeled after Britney Spears, although I’d have to say this 22-year old is way sexier. She oozes sophistication and sex appeal.
Her recent appearance in a duet featuring Tony Bennett, is an interesting storyline, and there are definitely good prospects for her and Vinnie to be together on more than one occasion…

  • Born on April 9, 1986 (1986-04-09) (age 22) in Marco Island, Florida
  • She’s the star of Gossip girls, and recently guest starred in CSI: Miami.
  • She appeared in Season 1 Episode 2 “The Review” , Episode 4 “Date Night” and most recently Season 5 Episode 2Unlike a Virgin


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Episode 8 “First Class Jerk” Review

Ari Gold is officially back to his best! This was the “Ari Gold” episode of the season, and possibly the series so far. After you all voted that the previous episode was the best this season (58%!) I was wondering how this one would compare. And I have to say it did a pretty good job.

Turtle‘s adventure with Jamie Lynn Sigler was classy, he definitely scored points in my book. Jamie Lynn most memorable for playing Meadow Soprano, is one hot woman! And Drama was being his usual self, the character we love to hate at times. Also worth mentioning is Frank Darabont‘s cameo, how cool was that!

Vincent looks like he’s back in the fray with Smoke Jumpers and his career in general, thanks to the one and only Ari Gold. He’s still playing a bit part though. But maybe this episode was the turning point.

Bringing back the sexual tension between Dana Gordon and Ari, that’s more of what we want. Dana Gordon is hot stuff. I can almost see a little cat fight occuring between three of Ari’s most powerful women : Mrs. Gold, Amanda and Dana. Something to definitely look out for! Time for you to vote again! Who’s your favorite woman?


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Episode 7 “Gotta Look Up to Get Down” Review

Episode 7 “Gotta Look Up to Get Down” was my favorite episode of the season, and possibly the series. A big statement I know, but the all the elements were there, from Ari Gold’s career on the rise (what a f*ckin’ was luck but who cares?) to Eric and Turtle ganging up on Drama, like the old days.

The boys were also back to their old habits, trying to score some women, and failing at it. Vincent and his principles were back to jeopardizing his career again. Plus there was no sign of Dom.

The moment between Ari and Vince was an unexpected emotional scene. Kudos to the whole team behind Entourage and to Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier. That scene was just too good.

I know that this hasn’t revealed too much of the plot, but I feel like the episode has spoke for itself. And has definitely brought the series back to the top.

The Special Guest List was also cool: Beverley D’Angelo, Jeffrey Tambor, Constance Zimmer, Alan Dale, Jason Isaacs and Debi Mazar.
Oh by the way check out our first poll below, should be interesting to see:


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Episode 6 “Redomption” Review

Episode 6 “Redomption“. Dom has his comeback, whilst being chased by the police. It doesn’t start well, and Dom gets busted. His criminalistic character trait is continued. But he was much more appealing than his previous appearances.
E ends up posting bail for him, but it just got annoying when Dom is seen holding his baby in several shots. Seems like Doug Ellin was trying to appease the fans’ opinion of Dom. I don’t think it worked.
Generally I thought that storyline progressed a little too quick. Did Dom’s wife have to drive off already?!
It was nice to see Ari back in his element, as he goes golfing with Alan Gray to get Vincent his Smokejumpers part. This takes a bit of a twist when Alan dies of a heart attack. Again a somewhat unsatisfying event, although hilariously funny. I think it would’ve been nice if Ari was the direct cause of this.
The dialogue between Bob, Alan and Ari was classic. And I thought the return of Bob Ryan, and Phil Mickelson‘s cameo were clever inclusions.
Ari Gold definitely holds this episode together.
This season has really shown us the bizarre behavior of Johnny Drama, and especially this episode. Turtle becoming his assistance?! That was hilarious and I’m glad it ended before it started. Drama was pathetic, Turtle went up a notch in my books taking all that crap from him and giving back one.

We are now half way through the season, and I was waiting for a bit of a slow episode, and we got it. It was just too good for the first five.
So what do you think so far? Are you still as avid a fan as you were in the beginning of the season? Please comment!


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Episode Six Preview

Dom is back! The title of the show has given it away – ‘Redomption’..hilarious.
Check out the preview clip on It seems like Dom is back, but not really, which maybe good news for all of the haters. I guess we will see how it really turns out in a an hour or two. I have a feeling Doug listened to the fans…

It looks like the girls are back in town as well, thanks to our beloved Turtle! Should be an action-packed episode so check back for my review.

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Entourage set for a Sixth Season

Somewhat expected, but more than welcome news, HBO has renewed Entourage for a sixth season. According to Reuters, production will begin in early 2009 with launch slated for the summer.

An interesting find: After every episode this season, has been updating their page with intriguing audio clips featuring Doug Ellin talking about that episode. In this weeks snippet, he mentions that Ally Musika wrote this episode and it was directed by Julian Farino. Nice to read into the people behind the show. A great addition by HBO.

In semi-related news: Crossing the realms of reality and fiction, checkout FOX 29’s Jenn Frederick’s interview with Mark Wahlberg featuring Entourage, and of course his new film Max Payne.

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